Project: Harmful Algae Indexing (HaiDex) System




Harmful algal bloom (HAB, also termed red tide) has increasingly caused tremendous damage to fisheries worldwide. Since the formation process of HAB is still to be uncovered, it is only feasible to forewarn and predict the occurrence of large scale HAB, which relies on a viable and efficient indexing system. It is precisely because the formation process of HAB is unknown that there is currently no reliable system to forewarn the occurrence of HAB. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University together with The Open University of Hong Kong have successfully developed a diffusion-characterized water pollution indexing technology called HaiDex System. Using dynamic diffusion characteristics, the HaiDex technology is invented to characterize statistically the formation process, and to develop computationally monitoring measures of water quality, and therewith to access dynamically the likelihood of occurrence of harmful algal bloom.


Special Features and Advantages

MCMC Diffusion Simulator to computationally characterize the formation process of HAB by applying MCMC simulation (i.e., Markov chain, Monte Carlo simulation), which can be programmed on mainframe computing facility or PC with statistics software supports such as SAS and SATA.
Adaptive Bayesian Validation and Discrete-Choice Modeling to statistically assess the likelihood of chaotic events and regime changes, which can be developed with general econometrics and statistics software, such as STATA.


The HaiDex System is newly invented to monitor the formation process of regional HAB and to forecast the regional HAB occurrences. Thus, the HaiDex System has immediate and sustainable applications in advising stakeholders against the HAB, and in minimizing the adverse impacts of occurrence of HAB. The application of HaiDex System is independent of water regions and is adaptive, i.e., to learn from the past data and to expand from the statistics.


Sliver Medal -

The invention won the Silver Medal at the 36th annual International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in 2008. The award is a recognition of the research effort in applying rigorous research to resolve real world problems.


Contact Details

Dr T. L. Yip
Associate Director of C. Y. Tung International Centre for Maritime Studies
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong




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