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The "International Forum on Shipping, Ports and Airports" (IFSPA) is an annual event jointly organised by ICMS and the Department, aiming to invite international academies and practitioners to discuss and exchange views on issues related to global maritime and aviation economics, policy and management. The function also serves as a good platform for networking and promoting academic-industry collaboration.

The theme of IFSPA 2014 is "Sustainable Development in Shipping and Transport Logistics". Considering the growing environmental concerns, shipping and logistics should not only achieve financial performance, but should also promote sustainable development and social responsibility. There is an increasing recognition that sustainable development is playing a crucial role in strengthening business competitiveness and enhancing a companies’ reputation. This year IFSPA 2014 will serve as an industry-wide initiative to discuss how to implement a sustainable balance of economic, environmental and social objectives in shipping and transport logistics. The industrial experts will also be invited to share their insights on the topic. Following the success of previous IFSPAs which attracted more than 600 participants from different countries and territories, we are expecting a wide range of attendees from the Asia-Pacific and other overseas regions to this event.

The roots of IFSPA can be dated back to 2006, starting as a workshop to bring together academics in the fields of maritime and aviation studies with the objective to promote high-quality research papers. The Conference has experienced significant successes in the past few years attracting more than 600 participants from different countries and territories. We are delighted to announce the IFSPA 2014 will also be held in Hong Kong, a leading international logistics and transportation hub, with growing connections to the Chinese mainland with a growing number of logistics centres and parks established to support the rapid growth of manufacturing and services industries.

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