Learning to Learn Handbooks and Videos

Learning to Learn Handbooks and Videos

Here are the three handbooks and a video specifically developed for you to help you become a preferred graduate and an independent learner.

'Getting the Most Out of Your University' handbook
Students are found to be more motivated to learn given they understand their goals of learning. The first part of the handbook clarifies to you what you are expected to learn in your programme. The second part gives you clues to your role in achieving the learning goals in each particular learning activity.

BSE - Building Services Engineering

BUSS - Business Studies

ENGL - English for Business Communication - EBC

  - English Language Teaching - ELT

  - Language Studies with Business - LSB

COMP - Computing Studies
GEC - General Education

ISE - Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) - ISE

  - Enterprise Engineering and E-Business - EEEB

ITC - Textiles and Clothing

LSGI - Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ME - Mechanical Engineering

OR - Optometry

  - Radiography

RS - Occupational Therapy

  - Physiotherapy
'For the Success of Your Study' handbook

Good learning is our ultimate goal of helping you to learn. There are two parts in the handbook. Part I introduces to you important concepts of good learning and Part II shows you examples of good answers. Since all the concepts in Part I are interrelated, you are expected to through go them chapter by chapter.

'Working Your Way through a Group Project' handbook

This handbook aims at helping you work effectively in a group project. The materials in the handbook are self-instructional. They are composed of self-reflective checklists, ready-to-use instruments, suggested tips and strategies on handling group projects. You can make use of the materials to plan and organize your project work.


'Working Your Way through a Group Project' video
This video is an introduction to the 'Working Your Way through a Group Project' handbook. In the video, you can find an example of an effective project team and an ineffective one. This illustrates the proper way of working on a project and interacting with team workers. When you are watching the video, prepare the print version of the handbook at hand.

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