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PolyU researchers’ innovative Music Therapy System for older adults wins CES 2024 Innovation Award for impactful aging technology

4 Dec, 2023

Inauguration of the PolyU inaugurates Research Centre for Assistive Technology to foster research collaboration with local and international partners

24 Nov, 2023

PolyU researchers develops novel selenium nanoparticles for managing postmenopausal osteoporosis

15 Nov, 2023

PolyU research seizes BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize 2023

7 Nov, 2023

Young PolyU scientist lauded in MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 Asia Pacific 2023

3 Nov, 2023

PolyU develops first-of-its-kind multimodal robot empowering post-stroke ankle-foot telerehabilitation

31 Oct, 2023

PolyU honours five outstanding alumni

18 Oct, 2023

PolyU researchers unveil liquid metal microelectrodes with soft, stretchable and permeable properties to be used for implantable bioelectronic devices

11 Sep, 2023

PolyU-nurtured startups listed on Forbes Asia 100 To Watch 2023

31 Aug, 2023

PReCIT launches inaugural PolyU Innovation & Technology Index Hong Kong ranks 7th in Greater China; Increased investment in R&D and patent application recommended

17 Aug, 2023

PolyU researchers collaboratively develop high-performance titanium alloys through additive manufacturing

24 Jul, 2023

PolyU recognises six scholars with the Young Innovative Researcher Award

12 Jul, 2023

Global Competition PolyHack 2023 Concludes with Outstanding Innovations and Collaboration

6 Jul, 2023

PolyU Innovation and Technology Forum addresses barriers for Hong Kong start-ups and investment

3 Jul, 2023

PolyU research discovers pathogenic mechanism and novel treatment for superbug “Klebsiella pneumoniae” to reduce mortality

20 Jun, 2023

Two PolyU innovations in energy and new materials awarded TechConnect 2023 Innovation Awards

14 Jun, 2023

PolyU scholar honoured with National Award for Excellence in Innovation

8 Jun, 2023

PolyU and Jinjiang Government to establish joint technology and innovation research institute

7 Jun, 2023

PolyU researchers achieve record 19.31% efficiency with organic solar cells

29 May, 2023

PolyU and CUHK jointly develop ABarginase, the first-in-class drug for multiple obesity-related metabolic diseases

22 May, 2023

PolyU wins record-breaking number of awards at Geneva Inventions Expo and snatches highest number of prestigious Grand/Special Prizes among HK delegations

29 Apr, 2023

PolyU’s new Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab joins Hai Robotics to introduce smart delivery system for fostering co-creation and innovation

4 Apr, 2023

PolyU and GL Ventures to promote the integration of the University’s scientific research with innovative industries

24 Mar, 2023

PolyU research shows mHealth mobile app with interactive nursing support enhances elderly health management

10 Mar, 2023

Two PolyU Projects on Innovative Simulation Platforms for Driving Safety supported by Smart Traffic Fund

20 Feb, 2023

PolyU and EdUHK collaborate to establish Hong Kong’s first Research Centre for Immersive Learning and Metaverse in Education

10 Feb, 2023

PolyU research discovers nanoscale ferroelectric new materials exhibiting potential for making computer memory with low cost and low energy consumption

18 Jan, 2023

Five PolyU projects awarded Research Impact Fund to deliver innovations for a sustainable community

6 Jan, 2023

PolyU and The Fire Services Department collaborate on research for indoor positioning technology

4 Jan, 2023

PolyU welcomes Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint directions and key strategies; Leading Hong Kong to realise its vision as an international I&T centre

22 Dec, 2022

Two PolyU Scholars awarded inaugural BOCHK Science and Technology Innovation Prize

21 Dec, 2022

PolyU partners with JS Global to transform research excellence; Fostering I&T development and technology commercialisation

20 Dec, 2022

PolyU collaborates with Aier Eye Hospital Group to nurture Hong Kong’s young optometrists by providing clinical training in mainland China and overseas cities

15 Dec, 2022

PolyU and HKXF ink MoU to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship; Drive young entrepreneurs’ participation in GBA’s I&T development

13 Dec, 2022

PolyU research discovers the impact of fruit and vegetable intake on the nutritional value of breast milk

13 Dec, 2022

PolyU start-up launches innovative spectacle lens to slow down myopia progression; Deploys two PolyU patented technologies to protect children’s vision health

7 Dec, 2022

PolyU and Hanson Robotics inaugurate the Centre for Humanistic Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to foster translational research in the GBA

6 Dec, 2022

PolyU and Hong Kong Space Museum collaborate on “Moon | Mars VR” interactive exhibit, simulating a spacewalking journey for visitors

3 Dec, 2022

PolyU launches Policy Research Centre for Innovation and Technology to advocate for strategies for integrating with the Nation’s development

24 Nov, 2022

PolyU researchers compile world’s first “atlas” of airborne microbes that provides an important new perspective for public health research

20 Nov, 2022

PolyU honours eight outstanding alumni

31 Oct, 2022

Thirty-nine PolyU research projects granted the NSFC’s Young Scientists Fund 2022, with PolyU ranking as the top recipient among local universities

7 Oct, 2022

PolyU and NECHK Join Hands to Provide Interactive Social Robots for Older Adults and Caregivers

6 Oct, 2022

PolyU Innovation and Technology Forum draws collective wisdom of industry leaders in supporting Hong Kong’s I&T development and funding

27 Sep, 2022

Hang Seng and PolyU join hands to launch “Hang Seng x PolyU Sustainable Future Challenge: Textile and Fashion”

8 Sep, 2022

PolyU and CMA sign MoU to give impetus to the city’s advanced manufacturing industry and promote the brand image of “Made in Hong Kong”

27 Jul, 2022

PolyU InnoTech Open Day showcases the University's contributions to I&T development via world-class education, interdisciplinary research, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship

16 Jul, 2022

PolyU and FHKI sign MoU to inject new impetus into I&T for driving Hong Kong's re-industrialisation

13 Jun, 2022

Centre for Eye and Vision Research (CEVR) officially launched to showcase leading role for Hong Kong in Eye Health Research

9 Jun, 2022

PolyU develops advanced vision sensors that emulate human visual adaptability

31 May, 2022

PolyU develops ultrasensitive and portable detection sensor for rapid, easy and low-cost COVID-19 antibody test

26 May, 2022

PolyU’s Pioneering Technologies in AI, Materials Science and Biotechnology Awarded at TechConnect 2022 Innovation Awards

19 May, 2022

PolyU supports startups to translate industry-recognised research excellence into societal impact; Grand Rise Technology wins environmental impact award from JUMPSTARTER

29 Apr, 2022

PolyU develops portable nucleic acid testing device for COVID-19 to enable fast and accurate results on-site

12 Apr, 2022

PolyU wins six prizes at 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days

28 Mar, 2022

PolyU startup iMeddy provides free video medical consultation to COVID-19 patients to help fight the pandemic leveraging innovative technology

26 Mar, 2022

PolyU studies show astigmatism and myopia among schoolchildren worsened in the pandemic

26 Jan, 2022

PolyU develops novel anti-virus 3D printing material that terminates over 90% of COVID-19 in 10 minutes

13 Jan, 2022

PolyU and University of Maryland from the US, jointly established the Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety (CAiRS) Combining AI and innovative technologies to improve product safety and system reliability

29 Dec, 2021

PolyU educators win three distinguished awards at the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Reimagine Education Awards 2021

21 Dec, 2021

Jiangsu-Hong Kong-Macao University Alliance officially inaugurated to jointly nurture talents and promote innovation and technology development in the three regions

16 Dec, 2021

PolyU collaborates with C-MER Eye Care to nurture Hong Kong’s young optometrists in the Greater Bay Area

13 Dec, 2021

PolyU’s Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology Dr Franco Leung receives the Croucher Innovation Award 2021

9 Dec, 2021

AiDLab Officially Launched Today as a Pioneer in Integration of AI and Design - Delivering first-in-market intelligent design solutions and world-class academic excellence

4 Nov, 2021

PolyU receives staunch support from the Otto Poon Charitable Foundation for the establishment of the Smart Cities Research Institute and the Research Institute for Smart Energy

18 Oct, 2021

PolyU innovations in advanced textiles, new materials synthesis and centimetre-precision positioning win TechConnect awards

18 Oct, 2021

PolyU to launch three research centres under InnoHK Clusters

11 Oct, 2021

PolyU signs MoU with three strategic partners in support of “GBA PolyVentures 2025”

30 Sep, 2021

PolyU strengthens community COVID-19 prevention and rehabilitation with Health and Medical Research Fund studies

27 Sep, 2021

PolyU to enhance undergraduate curriculum from the 2022/23 academic year onwards, strengthening students with diverse capabilities to meet future societal needs

20 Sep, 2021

PolyU develops groundbreaking and highly effective targeted osteoarthritis pain reliever

14 Sep, 2021

PolyU’s research finds contact tracing is an effective way for controlling the spread of COVID-19 when borders reopen

1 Sep, 2021

HKSTP and PolyU Sign MoU to Advance GBA Entrepreneurship and Nurture Next Generation I&T Talent and Innovators

26 Aug, 2021

PolyU develops smart tree management system and transfers technology to the Tree Management Office to improve tree health monitoring in Hong Kong

23 Aug, 2021

Three PolyU smart city projects win the 2021 Smart 50 Awards for Hong Kong

18 Aug, 2021

PolyU develops highly sensitive, microscopic optical fibre sensors with pioneering biomedical monitoring capability

6 Jul, 2021

PolyU develops biomimetic nanosheet for cancer therapy and imaging

31 May, 2021

PolyU develops a range of advanced patented technologies to expedite smart city development in Hong Kong

26 Apr, 2021

PolyU develops a highly permeable superelastic conductor which can be used for wearable electronic applications

24 Mar, 2021

PolyU wins six prizes at Geneva Inventions Expo

23 Mar, 2021

PolyU Maker Fund to help young people embrace hardware start-up opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

26 Feb, 2021

PolyU-made space instruments complete lunar sampling for Chang’e 5

8 Dec, 2020

PolyU develops space instruments for the Nation’s first lunar sample return mission

24 Nov, 2020

PolyU wins three TechConnect Global Innovation Awards

18 Nov, 2020

PolyU scholar receives Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award

8 Nov, 2020

PolyU designs new dual-task exercise for stroke patients to effectively reduce the risk of falls and fall-related injuries

17 Sep, 2020

PolyU researchers collaborate with international institutions to enable the next generation of batteries and energy systems

25 Aug, 2020

PolyU secures HK$18.2 million funding from Health and Medical Research Fund to conduct eight studies on COVID-19

11 Aug, 2020

Researchers from PolyU and M.U.S.T. Collaborate in the Development of a Recombinant RBD Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2

3 Aug, 2020

PolyU contributes to the Nation’s first Mars mission with the Mars Camera

23 Jul, 2020

PolyU discovers the effect of chemical compound PTU on autophagy in zebrafish embryos, sheds light on cancer medication research

9 Jul, 2020

PolyU’s newest research on metalens-array-based high-dimensional and multi-photon quantum source published in Science

26 Jun, 2020

PolyU collaborates with Macau University of Science and Technology to advance diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia

15 Jun, 2020

PolyU Explores the Application of Peptides in Data Storage for Space Exploration in China’s Next-generation Manned Spacecraft

20 May, 2020

Bracing for a long battle against COVID-19: General Use Face Shields designed by PolyU ready for mass production

2 Apr, 2020

PolyU designs a new 3D-printed face shield for HA • Mass production in local factories will help fulfil the imminent needs of medical personnel

25 Feb, 2020

PolyU develops the world’s most comprehensive rapid, automated multiplex diagnostic system for detecting up to 40 infectious respiratory pathogens (including novel coronavirus) in a single test

11 Feb, 2020

PolyU Innovations Garner Four Awards at International Trade Fair for Ideas, Inventions & New Products (iENA) in Germany

6 Nov, 2019

PolyU stages Entrepreneurship Parade in support of more than 60 projects

5 Nov, 2019

PolyU research finds drug-resistant bacteria on hand-drying facilities in public washrooms

5 Nov, 2019

Three research papers published in Nature series journals

17 Oct, 2019

PolyU develops a new class of antibiotic candidates for fighting against superbugs

24 Sep, 2019

PolyU students win Gold and Bronze Awards in Global Student Innovation Challenge at iCREATe 2019

2 Sep, 2019

PolyU receives donation from Suga International Holdings Limited to support sustainable urban green agriculture

21 Aug, 2019

Unique immersion programme teaches tertiary students about entrepreneurship and innovation in the Greater Bay Area

22 Jul, 2019

PolyU signs agreement with HKEIA to advance technology and talent development of Artificial Intelligence

18 Jul, 2019

PolyU garners Four Awards at Silicon Valley International Invention Festival

17 Jul, 2019

PolyU wins two global innovation awards at TechConnect 2019

19 Jun, 2019

PolyU develops Highly Flexible High-energy Textile Lithium Battery to cope with surging demand for Wearable Electronics

23 May, 2019

PolyU develops a high-efficiency, high-quality ultra-precision polishing technology for different kinds of freeform surfaces

7 May, 2019

PolyU develops Palm-sized 3D Ultrasound Imaging System for Scoliosis Mass Screening and Frequent Monitoring

2 May, 2019

PolyU wins big with 18 Prizes in Geneva Inventions Expo

14 Apr, 2019

PolyU develops unique electrostatically charged nanofiber with enhanced performance in filtering airborne pollutants and viruses

27 Mar, 2019

PolyU collaborates with RCA, the world’s top institute in Art and Design, To establish an AI powered Design Laboratory

26 Feb, 2019

PolyU-led research projects secure $27.8m funding from RGC to enhance the community’s health and well-being

14 Feb, 2019

PolyU academics receive national awards in teaching and research

12 Feb, 2019

PolyU Innovates Nano-encapsulation Technology to Enhance DHA Absorption for Early Brain Development

30 Jan, 2019

PolyU myopia control technology extends impact into Greater Bay Area

21 Jan, 2019

PolyU provides multi-disciplinary support to the nation’s historic landing on the far side of the Moon

14 Jan, 2019

PolyU launches “Belt and Road Cross-Professional Advancement Programme” to facilitate entrepreneurs and professionals explore Belt & Road’s opportunities in infrastructure

12 Dec, 2018

PolyU develops state-of-the-art tool and technology to support the nation’s lunar probe

8 Dec, 2018

PolyU develops robotic arm for self-help mobile rehabilitation for stroke patients

31 Oct, 2018

PolyU’s researchers develop AI-powered system to automate quality control process in textile industry

18 Oct, 2018

PolyU receives HK$100 million donation from Otto Poon Charitable Foundation

10 Sep, 2018

PolyU and the China Academy of Space Technology to jointly develop a Mars camera for the nation’s first Mars probe

22 Aug, 2018

PolyU develops novel self-fitting scaffold for bone regeneration

14 Aug, 2018

PolyU—Shenzhen University jointly set up The Greater Bay Area International Institute for Innovation

18 Jul, 2018

PolyU – Axis Therapeutics Joint Center for Immunotherapy launched to develop Innovative Cancer Treatments

18 Jul, 2018

PolyU stages Entrepreneurship Parade in support of 40 start-ups

29 Jun, 2018

PolyU to apply smart sensing technology in urban tree management

14 Jun, 2018

PolyU develops novel Micro-embossing Equipment for Precision Optical Microstructures

13 Jun, 2018

PolyU wins Two “TechConnect Global Innovation Awards” — Snatching Accolades in the US Two Years in a row

16 May, 2018

Spectacle lens designed by PolyU slows myopic progression by 60% and stops in 21.5% of children

18 Apr, 2018

Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (DIMS) Spectacle Lens for Myopia Control awarded the championship in Geneva’s Invention Expo PolyU’s innovations honoured and brought glory to Hong Kong

14 Apr, 2018

PolyU intelligent 3D human modelling technology projecting body shape and size accurately within 10 seconds

10 Apr, 2018

PolyU joins forces with Australian partners in launching impactful research on Blockchain Technologies

26 Mar, 2018

PolyU and Alibaba Join Hands to Promote Integration of Fashion and Artificial Intelligence

12 Mar, 2018

Commercialization of research results: PolyU turns novel myopia control contact lens to product

22 Jan, 2018

PolyU develops rapid authentication method of Chinese medicines

9 Jan, 2018

PolyU develops the first Food Hygiene Standard Certification System tailor-made for Hong Kong-style catering establishments

28 Sep, 2017

PolyU discovers a newly emerged superbug -- hyper-resistant and hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumoniae

31 Aug, 2017

PolyU develops sprayable sensing network technology for real-time structural health monitoring with larger responsive bandwidth, lower cost and greater versatility

5 Jul, 2017

PolyU wins three “TechConnect Global Innovation Awards” The first and the only university awardee from Hong Kong

24 May, 2017

PolyU invents Bio-inspired Anti-Vibration Structures with Wide Engineering Applications

8 May, 2017

PolyU designs innovative "Smart Scar-Care" pad to create a "scar-less" world

26 Apr, 2017

PolyU wins top prizes in Geneva’s Invention Expo

2 Apr, 2017

PolyU develops accurate contactless 3D fingerprint identification system

30 Mar, 2017

PolyU launches InnoHub to support regional start-up collaborations

15 Mar, 2017

PolyU develops the most energy-efficient LED filament lamps

8 Mar, 2017

PolyU stages PolyU Entrepreneurship Parade 2016 to support 34 start-ups

2 Dec, 2016

PolyU’s proprietary optical fibre sensing network for railway monitoring exported overseas

17 Oct, 2016

PolyU study reveals minimalist shoes increase leg and foot muscles

28 Sep, 2016

PolyU develops the first computerized haptic system in nursing education for Nasogastric Tube Placement Training in Hong Kong

30 May, 2016

PolyU develops RFID-based Drug Management and Electronic Nursing Service Management Systems

10 May, 2016

PolyU wins top prizes in Geneva’s Invention Expo

17 Apr, 2016

PolyU Develops Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells with the World's Highest Power Conversion Efficiency

12 Apr, 2016

PolyU breaks the world record of fastest optical communications for data centres

7 Apr, 2016

PolyU Develops Integrated iWheelchair System

16 Mar, 2016

PolyU Develops Novel Nano Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Flu Virus

14 Mar, 2016

PolyU Develops Fluorescent Probes for Rapid Detection of Formaldehyde in Food

1 Feb, 2016

PolyU’s Good Seed 2015 fully supports 10 outstanding social innovation projects and continues to nurture social innovators in 2016

16 Jan, 2016

PolyU Participates in Development of Microsatellite Platform and Deployment System

10 Dec, 2015

PolyU develops Novel Intelligent Transportation System for Personalized Reliable Driving Routes

8 Dec, 2015

PolyU was approved to establish two Hong Kong Branches of Chinese National Engineering Research Centres

4 Nov, 2015

PolyU Develops Highly Sensitive Biosensor for Measuring Glucose in Saliva

2 Nov, 2015

PolyU Micro Fund tops up the entrepreneurship seed fund to HK$120,000

30 Sep, 2015

PolyU develops novel eco high performance energy storage device

23 Sep, 2015

PolyU develops novel efficient and low-cost semitransparent perovskite solar cells with graphene electrodes

7 Sep, 2015

PolyU develops a new method for rapid authentication of edible oils and screening of gutter oils

29 Jun, 2015

PolyU develops big data analysis platform to unveil gene interactions in cancer

23 Jun, 2015

PolyU develops novel computer intelligence system for acute stroke detection

11 May, 2015

PolyU wins top prizes in Geneva's Invention Expo

4 May, 2015

PolyU licenses the technology of the anti-heat stress construction uniform to CIC

1 Apr, 2015

PolyU develops a new technique for rapid detection of drugs-of-abuse

23 Mar, 2015

PolyU's Strikes a Deal with Kinex Pharmaceuticals

13 Feb, 2015

PolyU launches Good Seed programme to drive social innovation

22 Jan, 2015

PolyU introduces new funding programmes for technology start-ups

21 Nov, 2014

PolyU Signs Commercialization and Collaboration Agreement with Avalon Nanofiber Limited

23 Oct, 2014

PolyU Micro Fund nurtures over 180 young entrepreneurs

29 Sep, 2014

Orthokeratology is an effective way for retarding myopia progression

6 May, 2014

PolyU wins top prizes in Geneva's Invention Expo

5 May, 2014

PolyU-developed space tool starts lunar exploration

17 Dec, 2013

PolyU expert makes first space tool for lunar exploration

2 Dec, 2013

PolyU experts and OSHC research on cooling vests to protect workers from heat strokes

10 Sep, 2013

PolyU develops Anti-Counterfeiting Ink for enhancing product authenticity and traceability

9 Sep, 2013

PolyU Micro Fund boosts innovation and entrepreneurship

9 Aug, 2013

PolyU Micro Fund-supported start-up snatches international design award

22 Jul, 2013

PolyU scientist seeks to identify genes causing rare cancer

10 Jul, 2013

PolyU scholar wins two international awards

13 Jun, 2013

PolyU scientists help identify genes causing myopia

3 Jun, 2013

Three PolyU researchers bestowed with national awards

16 May, 2013

PolyU researchers develop novel Brain Training Device to reconnect the brain and paralyzed limb after stroke

15 May, 2013

PolyU wins top prizes in Geneva’s Invention Expo

8 May, 2013

PolyU honours seven distinguished alumni

18 Apr, 2013

PolyU Scholar Named Croucher Senior Research Fellow

25 Mar, 2013

PolyU achieves new breakthrough in mannequin technology

20 Mar, 2013

Scientists develop special cotton that collects water from fog

23 Jan, 2013

PolyU-developed AI-based RFID system raises efficiency of apparel industry

25 Dec, 2012

PolyU Professor-designed Accessible Aircraft Lavatory won international awards

17 Dec, 2012

PolyU researchers develop novel treatment for people with hemiplegic arms

13 Dec, 2012

PolyU-developed "KineLabs" shines in Asia Pacific ICT contest

10 Dec, 2012

PolyU celebrates its achievements in knowledge transfer

25 Jun, 2012

PolyU celebrates entrepreneurial spirit of alumni

1 Jun, 2012

HKSTPC and PolyU hail success of Hong Kong's innovations following the 40th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

24 May, 2012

PolyU launches "Enterprise Scholarship Scheme"

29 Apr, 2012

PolyU-developed "KineLabs" adds fun to stroke rehabilitation and elderly exercise

12 Apr, 2012

PolyU study sheds light on the diseasing-fighting process of "autophagy"

29 Mar, 2012

Collaborative research sheds light on new cancer stem cell therapies

26 Jan, 2012

PolyU Optometry Expert Proves the Effectiveness of Orthokeratology in Myopic Control

8 Jan, 2012

PolyU-made space tool sets for inter-planetary mission

1 Nov, 2011

PolyU students present green products at Eco Expo Asia 2011

26 Oct, 2011

PolyU launches Beyond Entrepreneurship Forum

24 Oct, 2011

PolyU establishes Seed Fund to foster entrepreneurship among students

17 Oct, 2011

PolyU scientists develop new textile materials for sportswear

14 Oct, 2011

PolyU wins industry's support to promote solar energy on the road

26 Sep, 2011

PolyU establishes strong foothold in Shenzhen

21 Jul, 2011

PolyU's Optical Sensor Technology put to good use in High-Speed Rail

11 Jul, 2011

PolyU strikes deal with E-T-A of Germany

10 Jul, 2011

Major forum sheds light on the future of "Shenzhen-HK Innovation Circle"

8 Jul, 2011

PolyU reaps the harvest of innovations in Geneva's Invention Expo

16 May, 2011

PolyU experts raise standard in aero engine maintenance

14 Feb, 2011

PolyU makes great strides in ultrasound diagnosis for breast cancer

18 Mar, 2010

PolyU-Industry partnership raises 'trenchless' standard for underground pipeline

23 Feb, 2010

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