All PolyU staff with a valid PolyU NetID and NetPassword can directly enrol for the IT Training Workshops via the Enrolment System.

The monthly enrolment exercise is conducted one month in advance. e.g. the workshop schedule for November would be announced at the beginning of October and staff can start to enrol on the workshops via the System.  There would be two rounds of enrolment :
1st Round Enrolment

The 1st round enrolment would commence at the beginning of each month. The enrolment requests would be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. However, to facilitate more balance course enrolment opportunities among staff and departments, the following rules would apply in the 1st round enrolment :

Each staff would be allowed to enrol on a maximum of two workshops per month
Each department would be allowed a maximum enrolment of 2 places per workshop per month

2nd Round Enrolment
After accommodating the requests on the waiting lists, the 2nd round enrolment would start. For workshops where vacancies are still available, enrolment requests would be accepted solely on a first-come-first-served basis.
The Workshop Schedule as well as the Enrolment Schedule would be publicized to all staff each month by e-mails and in the monthly ITS e-Newsletter.

  You would receive instantaneous notification on the results upon submitting your enrolment requests. For successful enrolments, an automatic confirmation e-mail would also be sent to your staff email account.  
  You can view the full record of your enrolment requests anytime via the System. To fully utilize the training resources, you are requested to withdraw from any enrolled workshops as early as possible via the System should you be unable to attend. Withdrawal request will no longer be accepted on the day the workshop is scheduled to commence.  
  To facilitate departments in keeping abreast of the IT training needs, opportunities and course attendance of their staff, the Departmental ITS Training Course Co-ordinator can view the up-to-the-minute enrolment records of their departments anytime via the System. Monthly records on the final enrolment as well as any Non show-ups for enrolled workshops would also be sent to the Departmental ITS Training Course Coordinators.