PolyU Office Telephony Service

Networking, Communication and Collaboration Services

This service provides telephone services to all staff. Currently, there are two IP (Internet Protocol) based telephony systems in use – Cisco IP Telephony System and Deltapath frSIP Unified Communication platform. This service provides not only traditional voice service but also delivers a wide range of communication services:

• Provide standard call in/out, call forward, call routing, do-not-disturb, caller ID display, group hunting, call pick-up, boss-secretary function, etc.;
• Support audio based virtual meeting room for telephone conference;
• Support IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) and Call Center service;
• Voice message forwarding to Staff Email account;
• With softphone installed on mobile device or laptop computer, user can communicate with peers anywhere as if he /she is at office. The softphone has the same functions of a physical phone set and can support peer-to-peer or group audio conference, peer-to-peer video conference, instant messaging, etc.

Access to the service

Eligible users

Full-time staff, Part-time staff

Service hours and availability

  • Service available hours: 24 hours
  • Service support hours: HelpCentre service hours

Training & resources relevant to the service



Service Requests and Change Requests

Service level

All service request are classified as level 1 to 4 depending on its impact & urgency.

  • Level 1 – Service Request Resolution Time: 2 days
  • Level 2 – Service Request Resolution Time: 4 days
  • Level 3 – Service Request Resolution Time: 6 days
  • Level 4 – Service Request Resolution Time: N/A

All Incident are classified as level 0 to 4 depending on its impact & urgency.

  • Level 0 – Incident Resolution Time: 4 hours
  • Level 1 – Incident Resolution Time: 1 day
  • Level 2 – Incident Resolution Time: 2 days
  • Level 3 – Incident Resolution Time: 5 days
  • Level 4 – Incident Resolution Time: 10 days

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