PolyU Office Telephony Service

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Provision of telephone services to all staff. Currently, there are two IP (Internet Protocol) based telephony systems in use, Cisco IP Telephony System and Deltapath frSIP Unified Communication platform.  The service provides not only traditional voice service, it also delivers a wide range of communication service:

• Provide standard call in/out, call forward, call routing, do-not-disturb, caller ID display, group hunting, call pick-up, boss-secretary function, etc.;
• Support audio based virtual meeting room for telephone conference;
• Support IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) and Call Center service;
• Voice message forwarding to Staff Email account;
• With softphone installed on mobile device or laptop computer, user can communicate with peers anywhere as if he /she is at office. The softphone has the same functions of a physical phone set and can support peer-to-peer or group audio conference, peer-to-peer video conference, instant messaging, etc.

Access to the service

Eligible users

Full-time staff, Part-time staff

Service hours and availability

  • Service available hours: 24 hours
  • Service support hours: HelpCentre service hours

Training & resources relevant to the service



Service Requests and Change Requests

Service level

All service request are classified as level 1 to 4 depending on its impact & urgency.

  • Level 1 – Service Request Resolution Time: 2 days
  • Level 2 – Service Request Resolution Time: 4 days
  • Level 3 – Service Request Resolution Time: 6 days
  • Level 4 – Service Request Resolution Time: N/A

All Incident are classified as level 0 to 4 depending on its impact & urgency.

  • Level 0 – Incident Resolution Time: 4 hours
  • Level 1 – Incident Resolution Time: 1 day
  • Level 2 – Incident Resolution Time: 2 days
  • Level 3 – Incident Resolution Time: 5 days
  • Level 4 – Incident Resolution Time: 10 days

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