This Pilot HPC Platform allows PolyU’s researchers to run, test or develop their applications for research purpose use. This platform is launched in July 2017 and the details is shown below:

Item Pilot Platform
No. of Clusters 1 HPC Cluster
1 HADOOP Cluster
Computing Resources
Total No. of CPU Cores Over 400 cores
Total Memory Size Over 6TB
Software Packages (Version update)
ANSYS(Fluent) 17.2
GCC 4.4.7 and 5.3.0
OpenFOAM 1606+
OpenMPI 2.0.1
Perl 5.24.0
Python 2.7.12 and 3.5.2
R 3.2.3
Intel Compiler N/A
Target Service End Date July 2020

In connection with the roll-out, a new HADOOP Cluster will also be introduced in the new pilot platform to support researchers in the area of data analytics.



Partition configuration

Partition No. of nodes No. of CPU cores per node Usable Memory (GB) per node Status
h01gen1 12 12 156 In service
h01gen2 11 12 156 In service
h01gen3 8 12 156 In service
h01dev 1 12 156 In service

Resource Limit

Partition Max no. of CPU cores Max concurrent job per user Max no. of job able to be submitted concurrently per user Maximum run time limit for jobs
h01gen1 24 1 3 72 hrs
h01gen2 24 1 3 168 hrs
h01gen3 48 1 3 336 hrs
h01dev 12 1 3 48 hrs

User quota

User Disk quota

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