University File Services – PolyU Home Drive (PHD)

Workspace Support Services

PolyU Home Drive is a network storage service for individuals to manage their working files for teaching, learning, research and administrative purpose.

Having authentication (i.e. input NetID and password via PolyU Identity & Access Management system), users can get assess from any workspace equipment e.g. PC, notebook or mobile devices to their Home Drive on campus. Users may also get access through VPN when they are off campus. The PolyU Home Drive is also available through the vDesk or vApp services (virtual desktop services provided by the University).  For more details about PolyU VPN, please refer to the section “Network Access – Off Campus” in PolyU ITS Website and the website respectively.

Eligible users

Full-time staff, Part-time staff, Full-time students, Part-time students

Service hours and availability


HelpCentre Service Hours

Training & resources relevant to the service

Service Requests and Change Requests

Policies relevant to the service

Service level

All service request are classified as level 1 to 4 depending on its impact & urgency.

  • Level 1 – Service Request Resolution Time: 2 day
  • Level 2 – Service Request Resolution Time: 4 day
  • Level 3 – Service Request Resolution Time: 6 day
  • Level 4 – Service Request Resolution Time: N/A

All Incident are classified as level 0 to 4 depending on its impact & urgency.

  • Level 0 – Incident Resolution Time: 4 hours
  • Level 1 – Incident Resolution Time: 1 day
  • Level 2 – Incident Resolution Time: 2 days
  • Level 3 – Incident Resolution Time: 5 days
  • Level 4 – Incident Resolution Time: 10 days

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