What is PolyU NetID?

The PolyU NetID (Network Identity) is your key to University’s IT facilities and services. It is a unique personal identifier made up of a single username and password pair, named as NetID and NetPassword respectively. Using your NetID, you can access the University’s online facilities including University Portal, Academic Computing Services, eLearning Platform, Wi-Fi and other network facilities and services, etc.

Please note that the privilege to use these IT facilities and services carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations, which are set forth in the PolyU Acceptable Use Policy for University Information Technology Facilities and Services (AUP) and the Baseline Information Security Policy. 

Under these policies, all users are required to protect the integrity and security of the systems, and to comply with all applicable laws, contractual obligations and regulations. Users must also abide by all the prevailing policies, rules, guidelines and standards applicable to the use of PolyU IT facilities and services as announced by ITS.

Register for Your NetID 

If you are a valid holder of the following cards issued by PolyU, you can register your NetIDs via the "NetID Registration" function of PUsecure Identity Portal (IdPortal).

  • PolyU Student ID Card
  • PolyU Staff ID Card
  • CPCE Staff ID Card
  • PTEC Staff ID Card
  • Visitor Card
  • Long Serving Retiree (LSR) Card
  • Emeritus Professor (EPROF) Card

If you are an alumni of PolyU, you can register for your NetID via AADO website. For other users, please contact your corresponding department or our IT HelpCentre (Tel: 2766 5900, WhatsApp/WeChat: 6577 9669).

Using Your NetID

You can use your NetID and NetPassword to access various online services provided to you by PolyU. You may refer to ITS Website (https://www.polyu.edu.hk/its) for IT facilities and services available to you.

Manage Your NetID

You can manage your own NetID via the Identity Portal (IdPortal) (https://idportal.polyu.edu.hk). You can perform the following self-service functions in IdPortal:

  • View your NetID profile
  • Update your Personal Email Address
  • Change your NetPassword
  • Reset your NetPassword (in case you have forgotten it)

For security reason, we strongly advise you to change your NetPassword regularly, e.g. once every quarter. A reminder email will be sent to you if you have not changed your NetPassword for more than 6 months.

Updating Personal (External) Email Address

In addition to your PolyU Connect (‘@connect.polyu.hk’) or Staff (‘@polyu.edu.hk’) email address, your personal email address is used as an alternative means used by the University to communicate with you (e.g. resetting your NetPassword).

You are recommended to regularly review and update your personal email address in your NetID profile. You should also secure your external email account by regular change of password and consider the use of strong authentication in accessing your email account (as recommended by the service provider).


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