New computer viruses are found everyday, causing damages, threats and at least inconvenience to all computer users. The most effective way to prevent virus infection is to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date up-and-running at all times.To protect the computing equipment, systems and data of the University and of users against virus invasion, the suitable anti-virus software is recommended by ITS to all staff and students.

Recommended Anti-virus Programme

For staff users, the NOD32 anti-virus software is centrally provided by ITS. Please click here for details and to download the NOD32 anti-virus software.

For student users, a number of popular free anti-virus software tools are recommended by ITS. Please click here for details.

Good Measures against Virus Attacks

In addition, users are reminded of the following good measures against virus attack:

  • Do not open attachment / download files from an unknown source. Be careful even if the attachment is from a friend or colleague you know. Some viruses can replicate themselves and spread through e-mail.
  • Keep your anti-virus programme up-to-date and up-and-running at all times.
  • If the anti-virus programme warns you of a virus, take it seriously and clean the virus at once.
  • Backup your critical and important data files regularly. If a virus destroys your files, you could always refer to your backup copy. Make sure to save the backup copy in a separate location, preferably not on the same computer.

Please call the ITS Help Centre at 2766 5900 if you need further advice or assistance on virus prevention.


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