PolyU users should observe the following commonly recognised good practices in using IT facilities and services:

  • use the IT facilities and services in a proper way, and avoid violating any applicable laws of HKSAR;
  • observe all applicable international laws, HKSAR laws and all the University's rules and regulations, in particular when user access external networks that are owned by various authorities;
  • preserve the integrity of systems connected to and information and data accessed from the Internet and the University's intranets, and avoid disrupting any of them;
  • respect and avoid disrupting the work, the rights and the privacy of other users;
  • limit the use of University's IT facilities and services to learning / teaching, research and service activities as appropriate to PolyU, and avoid the unauthorised use of such facilities and services for personal benefits;
  • access the IT facilities and services through authorized NetID / NetPassword and/or authorized staff/student IDs only;
  • observe good conducts and common courtesy, and not to violate laws including those related to discrimination, harassment and slander;
  • not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any computer system in the University or elsewhere.

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