In order to facilitate computer-aided class teaching in PolyU, bookings can be made by staff through Departmental Timetabling Officers for the use of some PC rooms on the 4/F of the Student Computer Centre.

Types of Class booking

(i) class teaching supervised by lecturing staff

(ii) class teaching supervised by a nominated class representative

The hours available for class booking are (Semester 1 & 2):

Monday - Friday 08:30 - 21:30 ] half hour per session
Saturday 09:00 - 16:00 ]

Booking Arrangements

Class booking is accepted on the following basis:

(i) Booking must be made by department

(ii) First-come-first-served

(iii) Booking must be made no more than 5 months and no less than 2 days in advance

(iv) For block booking, the maximum period is one term


If the lecturing staff or class representative does not show up 15 minutes after the class is scheduled to commence, the booking will be automatically canceled and the room will be released for use by other staff and students.

The University considers the protection of intellectual property a serious matter. It is the responsibility of all computer users to use licenced software on personal computers, workstations, servers and central computers.

All staff and students should observe the policy that only legal software can be installed on the University's computing facilities. Appropriate requisition procedures should be followed to obtain valid software licences before the installation of the software. Illegal use and copying of software are not allowed at all times.

Users are requested to observe the following rules in the Student Computer Centre:

Legitimate Users
  • Facilities in the Student Computer Centre are for the exclusive use of students and staff of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University only.
  • PolyU Student / Staff Identity Cards are the only valid identification for the purpose of admission to the Student Computer Centre.
  • To safeguard the use of facilities to legitimate users only, students / staff entering the Student Computer Centre are required to present their PolyU ID cards.
  • Due to limited resources, the facilities in the Student Computer Centre are not extended to retirees, graduates/alumni and visitors.

General Rules

  • Use of facilities in the Student Computer Centre by individuals is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Hardware and software other than those installed in the Student Computer Centre may not be used.
  • Users should observe the instructions / guidelines on the proper use of facilities in the Student Computer Centre as displayed in the Centre or as advised by the ITS / security staff on duty.

Responsibilities of Users

All users have the responsibilities to:

  • Avoid causing disturbance to other users in the Centre.
  • Keep the Student Computer Centre clean and tidy.
  • Use the facilities for legitimate approved purposes only.
  • Be considerate and co-operative in using those PCs dedicated for laser printing. Due to resources constraints, the current practice is to allow a maximum of 20 pages or 10 minutes printing-time for each user.
  • Report suspected virus attacks on computer systems to the ITS staff on duty or the ITS Help Centre.
  • Return all equipment on loan to the counter half an hour before the closing time or at any other time upon request by ITS / security staff on duty.
  • Leave the Student Computer Centre at the closing time, or as otherwise requested by ITS / security staff on duty.
Safety and Security

For safety and security reasons:

  • All users should enter and leave the Student Computer Centre via the turnstile unless otherwise directed by the ITS / security staff on duty.
  • Student Computer Centre users may be requested by the ITS / security staff on duty to show the contents of their bags, cases, personal belongings etc. at the exit or at any time inside the Student Computer Centre.
  • ITS may from time to time revise the regulations regarding admission to and the use of facilities in the Student Computer Centre.

Users are expected not to:

  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any computer systems in the University or elsewhere.
  • Alter, delete, or copy any licensed software on the equipment in the Student Computer Centre.
  • Take away computer stationery, blank computer papers / papers for LaserJet printers, etc. from the Student Computer Centre.
  • Move or relocate any furniture, equipment, manuals or other properties in the Student Computer Centre without the permission of the ITS / security staff on duty.
  • Deface or damage in any way any furniture, equipment, manuals or other properties in the Student Computer Centre.
  • Smoke, eat, drink, shout, sing or play in the Student Computer Centre.
  • Reveal his / her computer user code and password to any other person.
  • Post and introduce obscene material on the computer systems.
  • Abuse the privilege of using the computing facilities for non-coursework purposes such as playing computer games.
  • Bring in objects which may interfere with the proper use and management of the Student Computer Centre such as bottles of ink, wet umbrellas, food or drinks. Walkmans, pagers, mobile phones or other photographic equipment such as cameras, audio and video players, etc., may not be used in the Student Computer Centre without the prior permission of the ITS/ security staff on duty.
  • Wear rain-coats or boiler-suits in the Student Computer Centre or any clothing likely to soil the facilities in the Student Computer Centre.
  • Personal property should not be left unattended anywhere in the Student Computer Centre. Items left unattended on desks are considered as a "reservation" of a computing place and any such computing places may be taken up by other users. In case of dispute, the Director of IT or his designated representative has absolute discretion in allocating the seats to users. Unattended belongings may be removed by ITS / security staff on duty and ITS will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal property.

Infringement of any of the above regulations may lead to demand for immediate departure from the Student Computer Centre and notification to the Head of Department concerned for appropriate action.



The Hong Kong Polytechnic University student residence hall network is an extension of the University's campus network. The network, which is TCP/IP based, facilitates hall users to services such as email, file transfer and Internet surfing.

The campus (and hence the residence hall) network is an indispensable facility in supporting the University's learning, research, teaching and administration. All users (staff and students) are responsible for ensuring that the network facilities are being used in an effective, ethical and lawful manner.

The residence hall network, like the overall campus network, is provided and administered by the Information Technology Services Office (ITS). Use of the network is governed by the regulations stipulated and updated from time to time by ITS and other rules of the University.


1. The residence hall network connection is provided to students and staff for accessing network services available on the University network as well as on the Internet.

The network user should observe the network services policy which stipulates that:   

  • Controversial materials of obscene and pornographic nature should not be accessed, developed or distributed using the residence hall network.
  • E-mails should not be used for any of the following purposes:
Commercial activities
ii. Chain letters
iii. Broadcasting messages which are likely to harass or offend others
iv. Any communication which violates applicable laws and regulations
3. The network user must use only validly licensed software in his/her computer.
4. Network IP address is assigned and administrated by ITS. Use of network IP addresses other than that provided by ITS is strictly prohibited.
5. Hacking, unauthorized sniffing of any kind and port scanning are not allowed on the residence hall network. Any attempt to produce excessive network traffic such as broadcasting or unsolicited massive emailing is prohibited.
6. Extending the network from any network outlet is not allowed. Only one personal computer is allowed to the network outlet or IP phone outlet. Setting up of routing or other special network functions is strictly prohibited.
7. The computers connected to the residence hall network should only be configured as a client. Server hosting and dial-up from a remote site to any hall machine is strictly prohibited.
8. Anti-virus scanning software must be installed for any personal computers to be permitted connection to the network. Click here for advice.
9. The residence hall network is protected by the University's Internet Firewall System to bar external attacks and certain remote access privileges are disabled. Details of the firewall rules are available at

As the residence hall network is an extension of the PolyU campus network which is a member of the HARNET network, hall network users are required to observe the "HARNET Acceptable Use Policy", details of which can be found at the following URL:

Disciplinary Action

Violation of the aforementioned Regulations on the use of the residence hall network may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of the user's access privilege to the network and may also be referred to the University's Disciplinary Committee. Offences that violate the laws of Hong Kong will be turned to the authority of by HKSAR.

University's right

The University reserves the right to amend, restrict or extend network privileges and resources to the hall users when necessary.


ITS, in making available the network services to the hall users, accepts no responsibility for any damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of these facilities. ITS makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the network services offered, or their fitness for any particular purpose.

You are requested to observe the University's policy that controversial materials of obscene and pornographic nature should not be accessed, developed or distributed using the computing resources of the University. As a regular practice, ITS will remove all the "suspicious" pornographic/obscene information from our servers.

Any non-compliance may result in termed or permanent suspension of computer access, or other disciplinary measures depending on the nature of the offence.

New computer viruses are found everyday, causing damages, threats and at least inconvenience to all computer users. The most effective way to prevent virus infection is to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date up-and-running at all times.To protect the computing equipment, systems and data of the University and of users against virus invasion, the suitable anti-virus software is recommended by ITS to all staff and students.

Recommended Anti-virus Programme

For staff users, the NOD32 anti-virus software is centrally provided by ITS. Please click here for details and to download the NOD32 anti-virus software.

For student users, a number of popular free anti-virus software tools are recommended by ITS. Please click here for details.

Good Measures against Virus Attacks

In addition, users are reminded of the following good measures against virus attack:

  • Do not open attachment / download files from an unknown source. Be careful even if the attachment is from a friend or colleague you know. Some viruses can replicate themselves and spread through e-mail.
  • Keep your anti-virus programme up-to-date and up-and-running at all times.
  • If the anti-virus programme warns you of a virus, take it seriously and clean the virus at once.
  • Backup your critical and important data files regularly. If a virus destroys your files, you could always refer to your backup copy. Make sure to save the backup copy in a separate location, preferably not on the same computer.

Please call the ITS Help Centre at 2766 5900 if you need further advice or assistance on virus prevention.

PolyU users should observe the following commonly recognised good practices in using IT facilities and services:

  • use the IT facilities and services in a proper way, and avoid violating any applicable laws of HKSAR;
  • observe all applicable international laws, HKSAR laws and all the University's rules and regulations, in particular when user access external networks that are owned by various authorities;
  • preserve the integrity of systems connected to and information and data accessed from the Internet and the University's intranets, and avoid disrupting any of them;
  • respect and avoid disrupting the work, the rights and the privacy of other users;
  • limit the use of University's IT facilities and services to learning / teaching, research and service activities as appropriate to PolyU, and avoid the unauthorised use of such facilities and services for personal benefits;
  • access the IT facilities and services through authorized NetID / NetPassword and/or authorized staff/student IDs only;
  • observe good conducts and common courtesy, and not to violate laws including those related to discrimination, harassment and slander;
  • not attempt to gain unauthorised access to any computer system in the University or elsewhere.


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