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Free MS Software
A list of commonly used MS software tools are centrally provided for your use on university-owned PCs to support your daily work. These software are pre-installed on the desktop computer provided to you by your department / office. You may also download MS Office ProPlus on up to five personal PCs/Macs, five tablets (Windows, iPad and Android) and five smart phones. In addition, through the MS Imagine Program, a list of MS professional-level developer and designer tools are available for your free use for learning, teaching and research purposes with prior registration.

Office ProPlus Installation Guide
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Software at ITS Student Computer Centre (SCC) & Pao Yue-kong Library

You may access a wide range of commonly used software at the ITS Student Computer Centre (3-4/F, Li Ka Shing Tower) and the Pao Yue-kong Library. In addition to visiting the SCC in person, you may also access popular software remotely via the Virtual Student Computer Centre (vSCC).

ITS Student Computer Centre (SCC)
Pao Yue-kong Library
Virtual Student Computer Centre (vSCC)

Engineering Software at Industrial Centre (IC)

Common engineering software / applications are available at the IC Student Computer Rooms (W207 and U204c).

IC Student Computer Rooms