Organized by the Students’ Union, this year’s Notebook Ownership Program is now available. A wide range of ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo notebooks and accessories are offered to PolyU students, staff and alumni at discounted prices. Please visit the website for details.


“The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students’ Union Notebook Ownership Program 2020”


Supply and demand of processor chip sets, RAM, SSD hard disk, graphic processor, Lithium battery, LCD panel etc. and branded name manufacturer’s product life cycle will have impact on product price.

The offers included under the notebook program are direct from participating resellers of branded name products manufacturer and there is no assurance that such offer is optimal. Students, alumni and staff are advised to exercise due diligence before purchasing.

The estimated delivery time is only indicative under normal circumstances. There will be potential risks that actual delivery lead time may be affected by stock outage, issues in the supply chain and other distribution logistic issues. Students, alumni and staff are reminded to recheck with reseller and factor into worst scenario. For urgent use need, students, alumni and staff should seek from source with in stock inventory for immediate pick up.



電腦零件(包括處理器晶片、記憶體、固態硬碟、圖像處理器、鋰電池、液晶顯示屏等) 及個別製造商的產品週期均影響電腦價格。

香港理工大學學生會筆記簿型電腦教學優惠計劃中的產品優惠直接由承辦商提供, 並不保證為最佳優惠。學生、校友和教職員在購買前應作自行調查。

預定交貨時間僅以正常情況下預測。實際交貨時間可能會受到庫存不足、供應鏈問題和其他物流運輸問題的影響。 學生、校友和教職員請與承辦商核實預定交貨時間, 並考慮最壞情況。如學生、校友和教職員急需使用產品, 應儘量尋找有現貨供應的供應商或產品。


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