The personal information collected will be used for the sole purpose of processing the related service requests.

Please read the Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS) for Staff before you download the forms.

For Staff & Students
Form Name
Remarks / Attachments
Enquiries and Feedback
Online Help Centre - HOTS Any enquiries on the use of IT services can be sent to ITS.
e-Views The electronic view-box of ITS.


For Staff Only
Form Name
Remarks / Attachments
Central Administrative System Services
Request for Accessing Fire-Wall Protected Administrative Machines from PC Client

For staff users to apply for access to systems under the Fire-wall protected administrative machines.

Request for PolyU Office Telephony Service

For staff users to request new IP Telephony System (frSIP) for office use.

Internet Firewall Access Control Services
Application for Access to PolyU Computer Hosts from the Internet

For users to make special requests to access to PolyU computer hosts from the Internet.

Staff VPN Service
Application for RDP access to PolyU Computer Hosts via Staff VPN Service

For staff to make special requests to RDP access to PolyU computer hosts via staff VPN service.

Application for Using Staff VPN Service for Departmental Guests

For staff to make special requests for applying a temporary (maximum period of 3 months) staff VPN service for their guest.

Network Infrastructure Services
Application for IP address

For staff to apply for IPv4 address, which is used to connect office PCs, network printers, etc. to PolyU campus network.

Staff Email Services
Registration/Deregistration of IP Address(es) for PolyU SMTP Services

For staff to register authorized IP address(es) for using SMTP services.

Request for using Online Archiving Service in Staff Email

With subscription to this Online Archiving service, staff can put unlimited messages in the archive storage area.

Opt-out of Online Archiving Service in Staff Email

For users to opt-out of Online Archiving Service.

Business Process Automation (BPA) Service Request Form (filled by CLO) For users to make request to create eform with automation workflow process.
Mailing List Management System (MLM) - Nomination Form

To be authorized users of the MLM System, this form should be filled and endorsed by the head of department.

Registration for an MS Imagine account For staff to register an account in MS Imagine and more details are available here.
Software Licence Services
Acrobat License Requisition Form

For users to acquire Acrobat Pro DC software licences 2019-2022.

Licenced Software Duplication Form (CD/DVD)

For licensed software of which the media is available at ITS, departments may request ITS to duplicate the software in CD format at a charge.

Loan of Software Request Proforma

Departments may borrow the media of licensed software for installation back in their offices.

Microsoft Campus Agreement "Work at Home Use Rights" Acceptance Form

Users are required to sign an Acceptance Form when borrowing the media of the Campus Agreement Software for home installation.

SPSS Licence Requisition Form for 2020/25 Program

For users to acquire SPSS software licences in 2020/21 and more details are available here.

Nomination Form of Microsoft 365 A3 license (filled by CLO) This form is for Microsoft 365 A3 license assignment/removal for department nominated staff and must be submitted by departmental CLO.

Information Security Services

Degaussing Service Request Form For users to request for disposing malfunctions hard disks and backup taps.
System Vulnerability Scan Request Form For departments to request for system vulnerability assessment service on information systems to identify possible vulnerabilities.  
Web Vulnerability Scan Request Form

For departments to request for web application assessment service on web applications to identify possible vulnerabilities before they are placed in production.

University File Service

Application for Network Shared Folder (NSF) Service

For departments to request/ extend/ update of folder admin for Network Shared Folder (NSF) service.

University Portal Services

myPolyU Event Banner/ Event Calendar Posting Request Form

For departments to request for posting an event banner on the University Portal.

PolyU Form Service (PFS)

PolyU Form Service (PFS) Form Administrator Registration Form

For nominated staff to register as the departmental administrator of the PolyU Form Service. 

University Cloud Services

PolyU Private Cloud Service Form

For departments to rent a ‘virtual server’ from ITS. 

Video and Multimedia Distribution Service
For users to request for broadcasting information on the Campus Digital Display System (CDDS) and LED Display panel at Chan Sui Kau and Chan Lam Moon Chun Square. Guidelines are available here.
Web Hosting Services

UWIP request form

For departments to request for web hosting service in UWIP.


Nomination Form of Microsoft 365 A3 license (filled by CLO)

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