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1. Senario: Plan a trip with others

Content can be shared and edited by friends together. Note: SkyDrive is refering to OneDrive for Business now.


2. Senario: Write notes on slides

Insert printout of PowerPoint or PDF file, you can jot notes on top of each slide/page.


3. Senario: How you manage your OneNote notebook

Briefly introduce how you make use of OneNote with your personal notes and shared notes


4. What is OneNote?

To introduce OneNote briefly


5. Start using OneNote **Recommended**

To start using OneNote, click OneNote application on your desktop/mobile devices. (If it has not been installed yet, please get it from Office ProPlus ( Details | User Guides ) Select work or school account and then login.


6. Take notes

You can convert your handwriting notes with a mouse/stylus/your finger to text.


7. Insert pictures, files, and videos

You can add pictures, files, and videos to your notebooks.


8. Share your notes with others

Share a page or even a whole notebook in OneNote so you can collaborate with anyone you want.


9. Password-protect private notes

Use passwords to protect notebook sections you want to keep private.


10. OneNote Online

No matter where you are, or what device you use, you always have access to your notes with OneNote Online, i.e. to use OneNote without download/install any OneNote app.


11. OneNote on iOS

To download OneNote app and sign in to your OneNote on iPhone or iPad


12. OneNote for Android

To download OneNote app and sign in to your OneNote on Android device



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