OneDrive for Business - Cloud-based online storage service for individual

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1. What is OneDrive?

Introduce OneDrive briefly


2. Get started with OneDrive **Recommended**

The video shows basic steps for

  1. accessing OneDrive
  2. uploading files
  3. sharing
  4. editing Office documents on web browser
  5. synchronize approach

3. Set up your phone or tablet

The video shows how to access OneDrive and edit office documents on mobile device.


4. Upload files and folders

Detail steps about uploading files. With latest version of Google Chrome and MS Edge, you can upload multiple folders.


5. Create files and folders

Detail steps about create new office files like Word and Excel, and create folder.


6. Restore deleted files

Detail steps about restore files from recycle bin.


7. Share files and folders with Office 365 **Recommended**

Detail steps about sharing files and folders.


8. Sync OneDrive files and folders

Detail steps for setup OneDrive sync client on MS Windows and Mac.


9. Sync files with OneDrive Files on Demand

Detail steps for setup about OneDrive Files On-Demand in OneDrive sync client. You can get to all your files in OneDrive without having to download them and use storage space on your device.

*Remarks for staff: this function is NOT available for domain joined machine.