For Connect Users (Students, Graduates, Retirees, etc)

Q1. What is NetID and what does it use for?

The PolyU NetID (Network Identity) is your key to all central IT facilities and services on campus. It is your unique personal identifier known by the University's computer systems which will enable you to access their services. While most of the services require your NetPassword for authentication, there are some services that need your PIN as well. The following table shows the authentication type of each of them:




Academic Unix Cluster




Helpcentre Online Tracking Service (HOTS)


PolyU Portal




NetID Management


myWeb / myStore


Remote Access to Library (for database & journal)


Library - myRecord

Your Library PIN

Sport Facility Booking System


Student Account Information






PolyU Connect

Your password for PolyU Connect

Wireless Network (WiFi)



Q2. What login name I should use to connect to the University's WiFi networks?

To connect to PolyU's main WiFi network, the PolyUWLAN, please use your NetID together with your NetPassword to authenticate.
For other PolyU's related network, always use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. together with your NetPassword to login.