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About Outlook Web App (OWA)

About Outlook Client

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Office Groups (for Staff ONLY)

1. Office Groups User Guide Last Updated: 9 May 2016


For PolyU Connect Users (Students, Graduates, Retirees, etc)

1. PolyU Connect Email – 语言设置 (简体版) Last Updated: 31 Jul 2018

About Outlook Web App (OWA)

1. User guide for web-based version (Outlook Web App) Last Updated: 13 Oct 2015


 About Outlook Client 

  Last Updated Other Files
1. Outlook Profile Set up Guide for Windows and Mac OS 07 Oct 2015  
2. Guide to Extract Multiple Attachments from Outlook Client 30 Sep 2015
3. Guide to Remove Outdated Frequent Contacts 30 Sep 2015
4. Guide to Manage your Junk E-mail Options 30 Sep 2015  
5. Guide to Schedule a Meeting in Outlook Efficiently 27 Feb 2017  
6. PolyU Staff Email Online Archiving Service User Guide 31 Oct 2018  



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Selected Topics & Descriptions Thumbnails

1. Outlook is not just email - What is Outlook?

Briefly introduce what Outlook can do and its feature.


2a. To setup your email account on mobile device (Mobile Connection)

There are some point to note,
  • 0:00 - Before watching the video, please go to App Store (for iOS platform)/Play Store (for Android platform).
  • 0:35 - Enter your email account with your <NetPassword>
    • PolyU Connect account: <StudentID>
    • Staff Email: <NetID>
  • 1:57 - Change your Outlook settings

*This video is for iPad or iPhone. The steps for Android platform are similar.


2b. To setup your email account on Windows platform


2c. To setup your email account on Mac platform


3. To import your Gmail messages contacts and calendar to Outlook

  • 00:24-01:04 - Gmail messages
  • 02:46-04:28 - Gmail contacts
  • 04:29-05:45 - Google calendar

4. Assign a delegate to manage your Calendar/Tasks/Inbox/Contacts/Notes

If you need someone to act on your behalf in Outlook, such as responding to email or creating and accepting meetings, set a delegate and manage permissions for them.



External Resources (summary)

  1. eBook: Outlook 2016 Tips & Tricks
  2. Outlook 2016 Quick Start
  3. Outlook 2016 for Mac training
  4. Other Outlook training videos