need capabilities   Capabilities
  • Rapid prototyping skills & continuous delivery
  • Competency in managing parallel conflicting demand
  • Sequence IT architecture changes naturally aligning with University digital journey


need strategy   Strategy & Innovation
  • Linked to University strategic plan
  • Invest at scale in Teaching / Learning and Research digital initiatives
  • Focus on stakeholders need, innovate constantly where it matter most


need talent   Talent
  • Embrace student helpers and supplementary resources
  • Build skills in support blended learning & multi-disciplinary research collaborative environment
  • Leadership development


need culture   Culture
  • Risk appetite – take calibrated risks
  • Embrace test and learn approach
  • Collaborate with Department users, Department IT, technology providers and suppliers


need service   Services
  • Two Speed IT
  • Deploying micro services with continue refinement
  • Digital content management with built-in security
  • Leverage Clouds for scalability and efficiency


need infra   IT Infrastructure
  • Raising IT Security baseline across University
  • Modular and flexible
  • DevOps approach for rapid building, testing and releasing software & infrastructure improvement works

cloud IT Notification