To ensure that Hong Kong's patent system would continue to meet present-day circumstances and facilitate the development of Hong Kong into a regional innovation and technology hub, the Government announced its policy decision on reforming the local patent system in 2013 as summarized below:

  • Standard patent system
    Introducing an "original grant" patent (OGP) system for standard patents whilst retaining the current "re-registration" system.

  • Short-term patent system
    Introducing post-grant substantive examination and other measures to refine the short-term patent system.

  • Patent agency services
    Developing a full-fledged regulatory regime on patent agency services in the long term with interim measures.

Since then, the Government has been engaging in legislative work and other preparatory work, and the new patent system in Hong Kong will be rolled out upon the commencement of the Patents (Amendment) Ordinance 2016 and the Patents (General) (Amendment) Rules 2019 by the end of 2019.

Summary of New Patent System


For details, please refer to the presentation provided by Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department (HKIPD) regarding the key changes to be brought by the new patent system in Hong Kong.

For any enquiries regarding Original Grant Patent (OGP), please contact ITDO Mr. Trevor Chuang ( / 3400 2812) or Mr. Charles Cheng ( / 3400 2880).

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Source: Intellectual Property Department, Hong Kong SAR Government