Dr. Terence L.T. Lau, Ph.D.
    Director of Innovation and Technology Development 
    Adjunct Professor, Department of Applied Biology and Chemical
    Convener, Food Safety Consortium 
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University    
    Board Member, DISH Global Centre for Food Safety and Quality
    Vice President, Hong Kong Food Safety Association


Dr. Terence Lau has over 20 years of experience on development and commercialization of innovative biotechnological products especially in the area of testing and molecular diagnostics. He started his career in a renowned Swiss-based multinational company, then involved in setting up biotechnology companies offering innovative products and services for clinical, food and veterinary industry. He directed the first laboratory in Asia to obtain accreditation (ISO17025) for qualitative and quantitative genetically modified organism analysis in early 2000s and have developed over 100 products that are sold globally. He also led the development of molecular avian influenza virus (AIV) detection products (including subtype H5) which were the first molecular AIV test kits that received official regulatory approval (Japan).

Dr. Lau has actively contributed his knowledge and experience to various industry organizations and government departments and has been serving as members of Expert Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance, Small and Medium Enterprise Committee, Enterprise Support Scheme of HKSAR Government and many others covering intellectual property, innovation and technology development, food and agricultural development, etc. Dr. Lau is also an Advisor of the Infectious Disease Centre of Peking University, an Adjunct Investigator of the Jilin Academy of Agricultural Science, Senior Advisor to United Nations Office for Project Services for a food safety project and Chief Technology Advisor of International Food Authenticity Assurance Organization based in New York. He is also appointed as a committee member of the National Committee on Biometrology of China, and the Chairman of the Board of the DISH Global Centre for Food Safety, a non-profit alliance between PolyU and three other universities in Europe to promote food related collaborations among EU - Hong Kong / China / Asia Pacific.

Dr. Lau has co-authored a number of peer-reviewed scientific articles including those published in Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine, and is the co-inventor of over 60 patents. He has also co-developed 5 Chinese National Standards and is the recipient of the Beijing Municipal Technology Award and Chinese Medical and Technological Award.

Representative Publications

Book Chapter:

Lau LT “Molecular Testing for Food Allergens”, Food Allergens Testing: Molecular, Immunochemical and Chromatographic Techniques, edited by G Siragakis and D KizisWiley-Blackwell, 2014, p29 - 45.

Research Articles:

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