Our Ultimate Targets

Technology Development translates abstract strings of thoughts powered by innovation into outcomes capable of delivering human wellbeing. We are determined to bring high-impact research to reality through developing technologies associated with significant breakthroughs and paradigm shifts to the society.

Maximizing Individual Capability & Capacity as well as Invigorating Synergy

We are keen to encourage PolyU research community to come up with innovative ideas and facilitate the upbringing of them into high-impact research. Apart from achieving it through efforts and resources from individual units, we also strive to explore the possibility in conducting translational research across various disciplines and foster partnerships among universities, governments and industry to tap on the synergy invigorated by collaborations.

Our Approaches

ITDO has come up with three core approaches on its roadmap of technology:

  • Conduct activities such as workshops, visits, seminar, to stimulate and facilitate technology discussions;
  • Network with international research and development communities to enhance collaboration opportunities; and
  • Facilitate collaborative funding applications with government, and take part in project operations if necessary

Translating Goals into Actions

We have been carrying out a multitude of activities while a lot more are to come on our agenda of promoting innovation and technology development:

  • Launch a multitude of platforms to facilitate exchange of ideas which may lead to new innovations
  • Participate in global innovation and technology development initiatives and events to foster exchange between PolyU experts and other innovators
  • Facilitate the engagement of PolyU experts with leading industry players/ technology groups
  • Encourage high-impact research and development of innovative, disruptive technologies