PolyU’s life sciences and healthcare technologies span across areas of drug research and development, drug delivery, biotechnology, rehabilitation and biomedical engineering, platforms and medical devices, biomedical science and diagnostics, optometry, and many other innovations developed by our experts. ITDO provides various platforms and collaborative channels for the industry to explore cutting-edge innovations with us, and for our academics to seek industry collaborations and bring PolyU innovations steps closer to real applications.

Biotechnology and Translational Medicine International Collaboration
among US · Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau Greater Bay Area

PolyU together with alliance partners from the Guangdong - Hong Kong - Macau Greater Bay Area including Sun Yat-sen University, Shenzhen University, and Macau University of Science and Technology, initiate the first biotechnology and translational medicine research platform with The State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) and Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. This collaboration puts together expertise from the collaborating parties and their networks to foster more applied research in biotechnology, and bring cutting-edge innovations in the areas of cancer, genomics, translational medicine, and other related areas in biotechnology.

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PolyU - Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Life Sciences and Engineering R&D Platform

PolyU joins forces with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Fraunhofer) and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), two leading research organisations in Germany, to drive collaborative applied research and technology development in the area of life sciences and engineering for the benefits of the global community. This collaboration will bring in significant innovations in chronic diseases, immunomodulation, traditional Chinese medicines, and translational medicine, and thus to bring about more translational deliverables to the society.

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Joint Center for Immunotherapy

PolyU joins forces with Axis Therapeutics, a newly established joint venture by two global biopharmaceutical companies – Athenex, Inc. and Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, to foster the research and development of translational medicine by setting up a Joint Center for Immunotherapy. The Center is set to conduct collaborative research on cancer immunotherapy, with an aim to develop new cancer treatments. PolyU will provide full support for the research on novel technologies and genetics models to develop cancer immunotherapy technologies, and is committed in transferring pioneering research to real-life applications for the benefits of mankind.

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Respiratory Virus Research Foundation

Jointly established by PolyU and The University of Hong Kong in November 2015, the Respiratory Virus Research Foundation is to lead respiratory viral infection research and their corresponding translational research in Hong Kong. With the support of various donors, the teams from the two universities will collaborate actively with the industry to develop technologies and translate the results into clinically applicable products - products that will help the clinical management of patients with acute respiratory viral infections; from diagnostics, vaccines, vaccine adjuvants, to treatment. It is hoped that this collaboration will help to provide greater protection to the community in Hong Kong and beyond.

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Joint Institute of Translational Medicine

The Joint Institute of Translational Medicine was established by PolyU and the Banan District of Chongqing Municipal Government in April 2016. It aims to advance, in a collaborative manner, translational medicine researches in China through the effective transfer of research outputs into treatments for diseases. Taking advantages of the clinical and research strengths from both parties, the Institute will focus on projects such as anti-cancer drugs, medical imaging and genetic diagnosis and thus to develop related medication and diagnostic devices. It not only deepens international collaboration and industry partnerships in translational medicine, but is also expected to accelerate the offering of cost-effective medical solutions to patients.

Space Biology Experiment

Riding on the support and collaboration with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Space Biology Group, China Resources Life Sciences Group and various other research partners, PolyU is keen to develop forward-looking research projects for future space missions. PolyU has a strong research track record in space technology, with our researchers having been involved in a number of national and international space exploration projects since the 1990s. From participating in space biology experiment to the nation’s plan for space exploration to Mars, PolyU looks forward to further collaborate with various research partners to develop other forward-looking research projects for future space missions.

May 2020 - PolyU Explores the Application of Peptides in Data Storage for Space Exploration in China’s Next-generation Manned Spacecraft

With the huge amount of digital data generated and recorded during space missions, the data storage devices currently used for this purpose reveal great limitations in terms of their data storage capacity and the durability of the retained data. To meet this challenge, a team of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University researchers has developed a novel technology for massive data management involving the use of peptides, which has been developed to optimise data storage for space exploration in China’s next-generation manned spacecraft in the new Long March-5B rocket. Compared with existing commercial data storage devices and other developing technologies such as DNA data storage, peptides offer a much higher storage density and longer storage duration – with the data still viable for sequencing even after millions of years when DNA would have already degraded. As such, this new technology has very great potential for handling the enormous amount of data generated during space missions.

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Nov 2019: PolyU Visited Space Biology Group to plan for research collaboration

BIO International Convention / BIO Digital

The BIO International Convention / BIO Digital is the largest, most influential biotech meeting in the world offering our experts extensive exposure from targeted education sessions and specialty forums to partnering meetings with an average of over 1800 exhibitors and 15,500+ top tier biotech executives from 69 countries. ITDO participates and showcases PolyU biotech research expertise at this yearly occasion, and explore collaborative opportunities with key industry players and research / academic institutes. Our faculty and researchers are welcome to join us as delegates and promote in person your technologies. Visit here to learn more. 

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