All PolyU staff members and students must disclose to PolyU any and all the inventions, discoveries, creations and any forms of IP made by him/her during the tenure or valid registration with the University as staff or students, whether or not such inventions, discoveries or creations may be patentable or have the potential for commercialization as soon as such they come into existence.



IP Forms and Procedures (Internal Access Only)

For the ease and coherence in the implementation of the above-mentioned policies and regulations, the University’s Standard Operating Procedures have been set forth to assure all parties involved have an identical series of guidelines under the same set of principles. Staff members and students are encouraged to look into the details of the University’s Standard Operating Procedures for Patent Applications and invention disclosure documents in regard to the instructions laid down for invention disclosure with provided links below. The access is restricted to PolyU community.


Prior Art Search Session

Prior Art search is always recommended and should be conducted before submitting the patent applications. The following database allow inventors to bibliographic data, legal status and published documents of patent application in different jurisdictions.



ITDO is delighted to offer answer to inquiries related to invention disclosures as well as PolyU’s IP policies and regulations. You may give us an e-mail or a call:

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