The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is passionate about interdisciplinary research and innovation. As a dedicated strategic partner of business and industry, PolyU is committed to creating and transferring technology and knowhow with application value to the wider world in various areas, with Research Excellence steered by its pioneering vision.

ITDO encourage technology exchange & conversations between our faculties, departments, schools and external collaborators, to proactively facilitate research development and technology match-making. Please find below part of the most recent technology developed by PolyU faculties which are looking for external partner’s further collaborative research, and contact us for more PolyU technologies !

AI, Data


Biomedical Science and Diagnostic Technologies




Drug Research and Development, Drug Delivery


Energy Storage, Efficiency




Food Safety


Optometry and Ophthalmology


Personal & Home Care


Photonics Sensors, Sensors-Chemical


Platforms and Medical Devices


Robotics & Automation


Textile Technology

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