ITDO is set out to ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT through accelerating TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH and proactively exploring COLLABORATIVE OPPORTUNITIES with the government, non-government organizations, universities and industry partners.

These are being achieved through proactive TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGES and CONVERSATIONS with external partners. We bridge the gap of technology readiness between academic inventions and their needs, which eventually, in facilitating HIGH-IMPACT PROJECTS.

List of External Partners’ Needs

Automation & Robotics

An European leading applied research organization

Big Data & Cloud Computing

Alibaba Group

  • Funded Collaborative Research Project: 29 research topics under the themes of
IDC Network Storage Technology
Operating System Database Computing Technology
Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Multimedia Technology
Supply Chain Security Technology Graphics & VR
Graph Computing Indoor Positioning  
  • Visiting Scholar Program

An European leading multinational company

  • Internship Program for Research Student (data analysis)
Aviation Engineering

An European leading multinational corporation

  • Funded Collaborative Research Project
電氣化 純電動和混合動力系統的研發
城市空中交通 飛行根本上改變城市交通的方式
設計和數位工廠 數位工廠將大範圍使用資訊物理網路生產系統以及自動化技術, 從而將效益貫穿於產品的整個生命週期中
互連機隊和大資料分析 我們的飛機和成像衛星等產品能夠產生海量的資料,通過利用和分析這些資料,打造一個採用即時資訊的全新數位生態系統
  • Visiting Scholar Program
  • Student internship
Communication & Advanced Computing

Huawei Group

  • Joint Communication & Advanced Computing Collaborative Platform
Life Science

An European leading pharmaceutical company – Collaborative research project

Looking for collaborative research to address the issues below, industrial research funding available and also open to discuss joint proposal for HK government funded project:


  • High-Concentration Protein Formulation (>200mg/ml for subQ administration)
  • Alternates to surfactants (Polysorbate 80/20)
  • Large scale protein crystallization
  • Host Cell Protein Detection
  • Detection of protein aggregates (differentiation from other particles)

Other interested areas:

  • Oral peptide delivery
  • 3D cell models and stem cells
  • Protein and peptide design
  • FC-Fusion platform for long lasting peptides
  • Brain penetrating antibody
  • Effect of insulin derivatives on intracellular stability of insulin,
  • Antibody drug conjugate : tomaymycin platform
  • Polymer based prodrug systems for once weekly delivery of GLP-1 R/Glucagon R Co-Agonists

An European leading applied research organization


A biomedical technology company looks for research cooperation in,

  • Hydrocolloid dressing
  • Aquafabric dressing
  • Physiotulle dressing

Looking for collaborative opportunities? Sponsorship is available for specific partnership. Please check with ITDO for details.

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