PolyU and Space Biology Group plans for research collaboration

Date:05 Nov 2019

On 5 November 2019, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) visited Space Biology Group to explore on collaboration opportunities in the field of space biology. PolyU has a strong research track record in space technology, with its researchers involved in a number of national and international space exploration projects since the 1990s. Furthermore, PolyU excels in the area of biomedicine, smart city and artificial intelligence research, with a strong focus on collaboration with industry and government to facilitate research and technology transfer. On the other hand, Space Biology Group has demonstrated strong research and innovation capabilities in the area of space biology with the support of the China Academy of Space Technology and China Resources Group. Both parties have identified a broad direction for research collaboration and plan to develop forward-looking projects in the field of space biology; further exchanges will be conducted on the study of space biology relating to antibiotics and medical research.


During the visit, Space Biology Group introduced its extensive research work in the field of space biology, such as on the impact of spaceflight on living organism (e.g. plants and micro-organisms). Dr. Terence Lau, Director of PolyU Innovation and Technology Development highly commended the excellent research and innovation capability of Space Biology Group, and looks forward to further exchanges and collaboration to promote technology development in the field.

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