Intellectual Property Assessment Committee held its Second Annual Meeting

Date:02 Sep 2015
Time:Hong Kong

Intellectual Property Assessment Committee held its Second Annual Meeting


Pioneering the practices in knowledge transfer and intellectual property (IP) management in tertiary institutions, the Intellectual Property Assessment Committee (IPAC) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) held its Second Annual Meeting on 2 September 2015.

IPAC serves to enhance PolyU’s knowledge transfer activities by improving IP assessment, the quality of PolyU’s patent portfolio, as well as the commercialization potential of our inventions. It establishes a platform for PolyU to solicit opinions from a wide scope of specialized expertise that is not only confined to the academia but also from a pool of prominent businessmen and industrialists from various industries.

As the Chairman of IPAC, Ir Professor Alexander Wai, Vice President (Research Development), expressed at the meeting his heart-felt gratitude to committee members for their participation in IPAC by providing invaluable insights into materializing the real-world application of PolyU’s research and technologies. 

The upcoming launch of PolyU IP Portal was further announced at the meeting. Supported by an IP management software suite, the Portal serves to streamline the invention disclosure process at PolyU with web-based interfaces for invention submission, access of information and records, patent evaluation, as well as report generation. With the transformation brought by the full-fledged operation of the Portal, PolyU envisions higher efficacy and capacity in IP management.

Apart from the Portal, committee members also explored the potential commercialization alternatives for PolyU’s IP at the meeting. PolyU would further look into different mechanisms for commercialization including the establishment of patent pools and patent commons with the ultimate aim of benefiting the society at large with its inventions.

IPAC will continue to contribute to PolyU’s advances in IP management and knowledge transfer.

To view the snapshots of the meeting, please visit here.