The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is committed to research excellence and addresses global challenges with innovation. Research and Innovation Office (RIO), as a forward-looking department in the University, is devoted to propelling the University’s technology development and advances to benefit the society by providing all-rounded support to facilitate research endeavours within the PolyU community, and foster partnerships among universities, industries, governments, supranational bodies, and the public.

[Image: Roles of ITDO]

RIO comprises the former Research Office (RO) and Innovation and Technology Development Office (ITDO) to synergise research capabilities and the transformation of innovation to technology advancement, thus delivering positive impacts to the community. We pursue excellence in managing Research Grants and Contracts, exploring Partnership Development, as well as providing Proactive Support to Key Research Projects of the University.

Our roles:

  • Exert all-rounded support to facilitate research endeavors, including the application for funding, both internally and externally,
  • Impel translational research across disciplines to provide joint responses to global challenges.
  • Engage PolyU experts with industry players to spur high-impact research partnership.
  • Build strategic platforms to foster university, industry, and government (UIG) collaboration.