PolyU-Alibaba Innovation and Technology Lecture Series – New Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence


ITDO (Innovation and Technology Development Office) invited Dr. Xian-Sheng Hua, the Vice President, Distinguished Engineer and Deputy Managing Director at Alibaba iDST (Institute of Data Science and Technologies) to give a talk on “New Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence”.

Artificial intelligence today has already surpassed humans in certain aspects. Founded in 2014, iDST is the core of the team in charge of the artificial intelligence technology developed by Alibaba, composed of a number of outstanding scientists and engineers, located in Hangzhou, Beijing, Seattle, Silicon Valley and other places.

With the launch of the Alibaba NASA program in March 2017, iDST has officially become the artificial brain of the NASA program. NASA plans to build strong independent research and development departments for the next 20 years, establish a new mechanism and reserve core technology for the new economy that serves 2 billion people.

This lecture shared the new frontiers of artificial intelligence of the Group and in China, such as in the topic of AI and City Brain, and gave insights on its great progress and the next steps.

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