PolyU Innovation and Technology Lecture Series – How Blockchain Will Save the World

时间:2:30– 4:30pm
场地:HJ304, 3/F, Stanley Ho Building (Block HJ), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

David Shrier, the Associate Fellow of the University of Oxford, Lecturer & Futurist at MIT, CEO & Founder of Distilled Analytics had delivered an inspiring talk on How Blockchain Will Save the World on 13 Apr 2018. Over HK$800 billion of transformation over the next decade will be driven in the financial services industry due to blockchain.  From savings to payments to securities to real estate property to identity (AML/KYC), every aspect of financial services are being touched by this transformational technology.  Yet beyond just accruing riches to bankers, blockchain has the potential to address humanity's grand challenges, ranging from stopping human trafficking to remediating the environment. 

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