China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference + Expo 2017

November 1-2, 2017    Location: Beijing, China

PolyU’s Food Safety Consortium [FSC] and Food Safety and Technology Research Centre [FSTRC] will join force to promote PolyU’s food safety related capabilities and explore collaboration opportunities through exhibition and attendance at the CIFSQ 2017, one of the most representative food safety events held every year in China. The event aims to attract over 800 food safety professionals worldwide, and numerous leading figures and experts to address a diverse range of topics highlighting the critical issues, approaches, and solutions to strengthening food protection in China and around the world.

Dr. Terence Lau, Convener of FSC and Director of Innovation and Technology Development of PolyU will speak at the Closing Keynote addressing the importance of integrating multidisciplinary expertise to advance global food safety and introduce DISH Global Centre for Food Safety; Dr. Bernard Chang, Project Manager of FSC and Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology will share with the audience on how to mitigate hazards through food authentication and adulteration detection by using analytical methods.   

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