GoFood 2019 / DISH High Level Summit

14-15 May 2019

Continuing from the success of GFSTF 2016 and GoFood 2017, the third edition of the Global Food Safety and Technology Forum – GoFood 2019 organized by the University of Bologna (Unibo) and co-organized by PolyU, Lund University (LU) and National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and has taken place at Bologna, Italy in Spring, 2019.

GoFood 2019 / DISH High Level Summit – Challenges are Global – so are the Solutions!

The summit aims to raise awareness and openly discuss on the needs and expectations of relevant international stakeholders towards a safer, healthier and more sustainable food system.  Representatives from academia, industry and many different governmental organizations and NGOs to exchange through high-level lectures and fruitful discussions about topics related to the food area. Topics covered in the forum include safe food packaging, food supply chain management, food analysis of foodborne pathogens, rapid detection of food fraud, government policies in food safety protection and latest food safety technologies, etc. Speakers from various universities and research institutions, companies, and other national and supranational food safety stakeholders shared their experiences and expertise in food safety and quality.

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