PolyU to join force with Chinese and European Partners in Food Safety • In global-scale leading project led by Queen’s University Belfast and China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment
June 15, 2017

The Institute for Global Food Security at Queen's University Belfast will lead one of the world's largest food safety projects across Europe and China. The European Horizon 2020 programme and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) programme have awarded €10 million towards an EU-China partnership to improve food safety and tackle food fraud.
The EU-China-Safe project will involve key players in the food industry, research organisations and Governments across two of the world's largest trading areas.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is the only university in Hong Kong to participate in this significant food safety initiative. PolyU is glad to bring its cutting-edge food safety innovations and technologies to the international arena, by working together with 32 partners in EU and China, two of the world's largest economies. Through its pioneering research, its various technology development and collaborative research platforms established, as well as the University's long-term engagement with the industry, government, research institutes and non-profit-organisations, PolyU will continue to contribute towards the advancement of global food safety in collaboration with stakeholders.

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