Global Food Safety Challenges . World-class Solutions

DISH is a unique, non-profit platform founded by four economies - Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong to foster European - Hong Kong/China - Asia Pacific collaborations in food safety. The centre aims to translate cutting-edge innovations and into high quality applications through research, development, exploring collaborations and technology transfer.

The partnership between PolyU and Lund University, National Food Institute - Denmark Technical University, and the University of Bologna will effectively synergize the expertise and dedications of all four universities and our extensive networks to solve global, everyday food safety challenges with world-class solutions.

Founding Universities:
DISH Vision - To be a Global Leading Collaborative Centre for Food Safety
  • One-stop platform for food safety stakeholders looking for cutting-edge innovations and solutions
  • Engagements between academia and research institutes, and with industry, government, supranational bodies, NGOs and other stakeholders
  • Access to global expertise in tacking food safety challenges - facilitate EU-HK-Asia collaborative research in food safety
  • Continued expansion of platform across different countries and continents
Board and Advisors

Senior Advisors

Mr. Bjorn Segerblom

Honorary Chairman and Hong Kong Representative, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden  CV   +

Mr. Björn Segerblom served as Area Chief Executive Asia Pacific at SGS Societe General de Surveillance from 1998 to 2000. Mr. Segerblom served as Head of Workshops, restructuring and divestures at Nordstjernan from 1984 to 1986. He served as Chief Executive Officer and Vice President Overseas Division at Nitro Nobel Group. He served as Marketing & Sales Manager and General Manager at Bofors Nobel Chemicals and Bofors Nobel Chematur from 1967 to 1978. He Overseased Representative in Europa for Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) from 2003 to 2016. He served as Member, Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Royal Sweden Hong Kong Business Council. Mr. Segerblom has been Director at Obducat AB (publ) from 2016. He has Degree in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers Tekniska Högskola.

Mr. Bengt Streijffert

Senior Advisor, LU   CV   +

Bengt Streijffert is the Expert and Senior Advisor of Lund University. He was educated at Lund University, and has assumed various positions at the University including Lecturer, Faculty Director of the Faculty of Science, and University Secretary. Prior to these appointments he was the University Director of Midswedish University, Östersund. He is also the Vice Chair at the Board of Foodbest Denmark / Sweden and Deputy Board of Foodbest Europe. Bengt Streijffert has written a number of articles, reports and books on university systems, and universities and society and led a number of international committees and expert groups. He has worked as an expert for Swedish, Danish and Nordic government authorities and committees and been a guest lecturer at North American and European Universities. He has also been President of the Nordic Association for Canadian Studies and board member of the International Council of Canadian Studies, Ottawa.

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