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Online registration for 5th Asia-Pacific Food Safety International Conference is now open.

Who Should Attend?

APFSIC is the right event for industry, academic and governmental food safety professionals. This broad mix of attendees includes professionals in quality control, processing operations, regulatory inspections, consulting groups, risk assessment, research and development, microbiological research, regulatory affairs, plant management, food analysis, technical services, auditors, certification, and HACCP management.

Why Attend?

Situated at the gateway to an enormous China market and at the crossroad to a rapidly rising Asia region, APFSIC welcomes you to its 5th IAFP APAC conference in Hong Kong. There has never been a better place or time to come together to address evolving food safety issues facing this emerging region.

Food borne illnesses create significant adverse health, social, and economic impact across Asia as it does globally. By attending APFSIC, you can acquire the best practices and technical knowledge for strengthening the food safety system and safeguard the food supply. APFSIC is also elevating the awareness and coordinate actions between government, industry, science and academia to tackle the challenges facing us all in the food safety community.

Learn More, Become Inspired and Build an Impeccable Network

By attending you invest in your future through a world class educational program that features highly acclaimed experts. You also build lasting connections with other food safety leaders who can provide valuable insight as well as solutions you need. Choose from a wide selection of topics that are of interest to you, collaborate with new partners, find new technologies, expand your ideas, plus much more. Let APFSIC’s lectures hone your skills so you can step up your abilities. What’s more don’t miss the fabulous welcome reception where you can socialize with other delegates over great food and drinks. Register today!

Click HERE for registration!