ITDO, Innovation and Technology Development Office, serves to set up and nurture the platforms to boost high-impact research through both individual efforts as well as in collaboration with other parties including universities, industry, government and the like locally and internationally. Besides, we strive to heighten the awareness of the significance and protection of IP within PolyU community.

Roles of ITDO

IP Management

  • Manage and maintain PolyU’s IP Portfolio covering both patents and non-patent IP
  • Explore in greater depth the exploitation of IP in terms of utilization, trade and collaborations
  • Educate and foster a culture in the PolyU community to recognize the importance of IP protection

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“Innovation” and “Technology Development”

  • Heighten the awareness as well as promote a consistent understanding about PolyU’s stance and principles laid down towards knowledge transfer, innovation and technology development.
  • Foster the formation of strategic alliances on technology development leveraged through collaborative research as one of the means for devotions in high-impact translational research both on an individual and a multi-disciplinary basis aiming at delivering high impacts on the society.

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In short, WE:

  • Spark innovation
  • Turn intractable problems into opportunities
  • Promote and educate the recognition and protection of intellectual property
  • Encourage technology development of high-impact researches
  • Materialize the synergy of research and business acumen

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