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What is Knowledge Transfer (KT)?

It refers to the process in which knowledge is developed and further transforms until it reaches the maturity for application and utilization. It stimulates and materializes the University’s interactions with the community through propelling research efforts and uplifting technological achievements throughout the continuum from innovation to application. Knowledge transfer serves to further tighten the bond and enhance two-way communication between the University and the society.

Knowledge transfer has always been awarded its meed of attention and due focus from the University. It has marked numerous footprints in the University’s history. PolyU has spared no efforts in sustaining its long-established eminence particularly in this area of excellence.

Our application-oriented innovation and technology development serves to address people’s unmet needs and the community’s advancement through knowledge transfer to propel high-impact research for the society. We are keen to foster partnerships among universities, government, industry and public at large and minimize the gap in technology readiness between research outcomes and society’s needs.