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Joint Collaboration between PolyU Researchers and Industrial Partners

Government Sponsorship

  • Innovation and Technology Fund
  • + Innovation and Technology Support Programme (ITSP)
    ITSP supports research and development (R&D) projects undertaken by designated local public research institutes and R&D Centres. ITSP invites applications for funding once a year. It supports Platform Projects (applied R&D projects which are industry-oriented and have potential for commercialization) and Seed Projects (exploratory and forward-looking in nature).
  • + Partnership Research Programme (PRP)
    A scheme aims to support R&D projects undertaken by private companies in collaboration with local universities/research institutions. To achieve synergy and enhance flexibility, this scheme consolidates the University-Industry Collaboration Programme (UICP) and the collaborative stream of the Innovation and Technology Support Programme (ITSP) under a single programme. The scheme provides matching funding support for approved projects. The maximum project duration is 3 years. Applications for PRP are open all year round. (Click here for more details)
  • + Midstream Research Programme for Universities (MRP)
    A dedicated programme to encourage universities funded by the University Grants Committee to conduct more theme-based midstream research in focused technology areas. (Click here for more details)
  • + Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living (FBL)
    A scheme for funding innovation and technology projects which will make people’s daily living more convenient, comfortable and safer, or address the needs of specific community groups. (Click here for more details)
  • + Guangzhou Science & Technology Collaborative Research Scheme
    A scheme to encourage industry university research collaboration and support applied research and development projects.(Click here for more details *Chinese version only)
  • + The Hong Kong-Guangzhou Technology and Innovation Partnership Programme (HKGTIPP)
    A partnership programme for providing funding support to the cooperation in research and technology development between Guangzhou-based enterprises and Hong Kong-based universities and research institutions. Application for 2020 is now open.
    Three key industries for the development of Guangzhou are IAB (Next generation information technology, AI, Biotechnology) and NEM (New energy and materials). Please click for more details (in Chinese).
    For enquiry, please contact the Office at tel: 28890029, email via: or visit the website
  • + Guangzhou Innovation Technology Program 2019
    A scheme for funding innovation and technology projects to foster development of IAB (IT, artificial intelligence and bio-pharmaceutical) industries, NEM (new energy, new materials) industries, as well as technological advance for people’s better living. (Click here for more details. Chinese only)
  • + Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme
    HKSAR Government and MOST sign innovation and technology co-operation arrangement and research funding agreement to take forward the various I&T co-operation initiatives in the coming few years, explore the feasibility of setting up the Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme to support scientific research collaboration, details will be announced in due course. (Click here for more details about the signing)
  • + Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI) Collaborative Funding Scheme – Call for Preliminary Proposals
    Leading companies from Jiangsu province will provide collaborative research funding directly to PolyU PI. And the funding amount is subject to the mutual agreement between the Company and PI. Focus area includes Advanced Materials and Environment, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Biotechnology and Medicine Please find the details about the funding scheme, list of focus area, list of company technology demands with funding scale, proposal template here.

Industry Sponsorship

  • + Alibaba Group’s Schemes (For programme details, please contact ITDO.)
    • Alibaba Visiting Scholar
    • Alibaba Innovative Research Project
    • Alibaba Technology Seminar / Forum
  • + Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.’s Schemes (For programme details, please contact ITDO)
    • PolyU-Huawei Joint Laboratory for Optical Interconnection Network and Advanced Computing System
    • Huawei Collaborative Research Project
    • Huawei Innovation Research Program
    • Huawei Technology Forum
  • + Request for Proposal - Drug Discovery for Accelerating Hit Generation of Small Molecules
    • A midsize Japanese pharmaceutical company having an R&D with a consistent manufacturing capability is seeking drug discovery project for accelerating hit generation of small molecules. This company is part of a conglomerate enterprise which covers materials, home medical care and IT, and globally conducts business activities through an overarching view of the healthcare industry to provide an integrated solution for future social issues. Special interest areas include AI, big data analytics, DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DEL), Cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM), De novo design of peptide / mini-protein, fragment-based drug discovery / design (FBDD), multiple drug delivery systems (DDSs), and Single-Molecular-Interaction sequencing/Interaction Determination using Unpurified Proteins (SMI-seq/IDUP). (Please click here for more details.)
  • + Pfizer Call for Proposals (Asia Academics)
    Pfizer Asia Discovery Labs is seeking for proposals in 1. Disease Area Focus and 2. Targets/Pathways Focus and considers both large and small molecules. Submission deadline: April 15, 2019 (contact us if you are interested after the deadline) to Innovation and Technology Development Office (ITDO). For details,

Other Collaborative Opportunities for PolyU Researchers

ITDO’s network plays a significant role in facilitating your project and partner making.

European Union

European Commission (EC) / Research Grants Council (RGC) Collaboration Scheme (Please click here for more details of the Scheme.)

The Netherlands

  • NWO / RGC Joint Research Scheme (ITDO could facilitate partners seeking through Netherlands Office of Science & Technology–NOST)


  • ANR / RGC Joint Research Scheme
    Jointly operated by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and The Research Grants Council (RGC), the Scheme serves to foster collaboration between research communities in France and Hong Kong.
  • PROCORE - France / Hong Kong Joint Research Scheme
    The Scheme finances a dozen of two-year joint research projects and workshops in France and Hong Kong each year.
  • BIO-Asie and STIC-Asie
    Regional programmes BIO-Asie and STIC-Asie are initiatives of the French government aiming at encouraging and strengthening high-level collaborations in research and development in the following fields:
    1. Information and Communications Technology;
    2. Natural substances, ranging from the study of biodiversity to the sustainable use of natural substances in the field of health, pharmacy, nutrition, cosmetics, agronomy or renewable energies.
  • Support for High-level Conference
    Example at PolyU:
    International Seminar: Food, Risks and Sustainability: An Asian Perspective 6 -7 July 2015, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, sponsored by the Consulate General of Finland in HK & Macau
  • Joint Research Lab and Programs
    ITDO could facilitate your collaboration with French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).


The United Kingdom


  • Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) by Finland Ministry of Culture and Education
    Example at PolyU: Devising Games Education Network between PolyU School of Design and Finnish Universities Finland government provides funding to support both PolyU & Finnish partners on mutual visits, joint seminars/workshops and other exchange activities.

For more funding opportunities, please refer to PolyU Research Office