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Newsletter. July 2018
Fostering Multidisciplinary Collaboration and Technology Development Invigorating Synergies via the U-I-G Triple Helix

PolyU has long been committed in addressing unmet global needs through innovation, and striving for food safety and quality is no exception. With the ever-arising issues such as the use of gutter oil, sale of vampire meat in China, food fraud and other issues hitting headlines in recent years and yet to be tackled by cutting-edge technologies, PolyU is determined to bring together academic expertise (U), industry needs (I), and viewpoints from regulatory bodies and governmental organizations (G) to synergize our efforts in restoring consumer confidence. We deliver to you our inaugural issue of Empowering Food Safety and Quality to share our efforts and latest events, research and innovations, news, and how you could participate in our upcoming initiatives to capture the synergies generated from UIG triple helix and through multidisciplinary collaborations. We are also excited to introduce the DISH Global Centre for Food Safety and Quality, which is a non-profit alliance of four economies - Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Hong Kong – to foster EU – HK / China – Asia Pacific collaborations in food safety.

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Ir Prof. Ping-kong Alexander Wai
Vice President (Research Development), PolyU
Member of Steering Committee, Food Safety Consortium

Highlights / Stories
DISH Chairman Dr. Terence Lau chairs board meeting in  Copenhagen on May 30 and joins the Board in congratulating DTU Dr. Christine Nellemann on the next Chairmanship with effect from July 1.
MoU between National Food Institute, DTU ( DISH Partner ) and the Food Safety Commission of Japan will strengthen Denmark and Japan's scientific cooperation in the area of food safety detail
Global Food Safety Conference 2018 detail
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing between PolyU, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology detail
FSC 3rd Management Committee Meeting & Corporate Member Gathering detail
The Chairman of the The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Governing Board Visits PolyU detail
Agreement Signing Ceremony between PolyU and Joint Institute of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (JIFSAN) detail
China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference + Expo 2017 detail
PolyU Develops the First Food Hygiene Standard Certification System Tailor-made for Hong Kong-style Catering detail
PolyU's Food Safety Consortium Received the 2017 C.B. Shogren Memorial Award from IAFP detail
Research & Innovation
PolyU Discovers a Newly Emerged Superbug-Hyper-resistant and Hypervirulent Klebsiella pneumonia detail
PolyU to Join Force with Chinese and European Partners in Food Safety ∙ In Global-scale Leading Project Led by Queen's University Belfast and China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment detail
Professor Cao Jiannong, Chair Professor of the Department of Computing has gained the funding of 2017 Alibaba Global Program Alibaba Innovation Research for his proposal titled "Federated block-chain for ensuring the provenance and authenticity of food items" among the 43 distinguished research proposals accepted in the Program. detail
Trade Consultation Session
- Good Practice of Using Frying Oil
Members of PolyU FSTRC are now working with the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, aiming to assist local food premises in ensuring deep-frying oil quality by providing suggestions on good practices of using frying oil. Our first trade consultation trade … detail
說理成章-食安科技挑戰 detail
Government aid for upgrades inadequate, Hong Kong chicken farmers say detail
理大揭高抗藥性新肺炎菌浙江醫院出沒 detail
August 30, 2018
GS1HK - Food Safety Forum 2018
November 7 - 8, 2018
China International Food Safety & Quality Conference 2018
GoFood 2019 ∙ Bologna, Italy
Event dates and details are subject to change without notice. Please contact us if you have any enquiries.
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The Food Safety Consortium (FSC) comprises stakeholders from the academia, industry and other organizations to address food safety challenges with cutting-edge & applied technologies, with timely and in-depth communications on food safety related matters.
Food Safety and Technology Research Centre (FSTRC) serves as a platform to strengthen local and international collaborations. Our goal is to safeguard public health and rebuild public confidence by applying cutting-edge skills and tools in research, risk analysis and assessment and offering one-stop food-related services.
DISH Global Centre for Food Safety and Quality (DISH) is a unique, non-profit platform founded by four economies - Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong to foster European - Hong Kong/China - Asia Pacific collaborations in food safety. The Centre aims to translate cutting-edge innovations and into high quality applications through research, development, exploring collaborations and technology transfer.
Addressing Unmet Food Safety Needs through Innovation
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