Finland 100 – PolyU Innovation and Technology Development Lecture Series

Date:09 May 2017

The Finland 100 – PolyU Innovation and Technology Development Lecture Series jointly organized by ITDO, Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) and the Consulate General of Finland in honour of the centenary of Finnish independence and our common objective of advancing global collaboration in technology developments began on February 16, 2017 had come to a successful close on May 9, 2017.

The lecture series provided a platform for the audience to understand how Finland fosters innovations and how they develop expertise in thematic areas, so as to explore and strengthen partnerships between Finland and Hong Kong. Four lectures were organized centered around the following themes:

·         Change – Boosting Innovation in the Digital Era

·         Finnish Innovations in Healthcare and Health Technologies

·         Finnish Start-up Ecosystem with Examples from Digital and Gaming Innovations

·         Safe Finnish Food for All


The centennial lectures were opened by Mr. Pekka Soini, Director General, CEO of Tekes and closed by Dr. Janna Husu-Killio, Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, who shared her insightful views on how the Finnish government pioneers in the regulatory aspect to ensure food safety.

Food industry is the largest industry in Europe and the fourth largest branch of industry in Finland. Finland is also internationally recognized as a country with exceptional level of food safety, while PolyU also joins hands with European Universities to advance global food safety. We share the same vision and commitment with all European collaborating parties in addressing the most imminent global food safety challenges.

Ir. Prof. Alex Wai, Vice President (Research Development) with Dr. Janna Husu-Killio, Mr. Jari Sinkari, Consul General of Finland in Hong Kong and Macau, and other key participants of the Finland 100 – PolyU Innovation and Technology Development Lecture Series.

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