Certificate Presentation to PolyU Inventors

Date:01 Mar 2019

ITDO is committed to enhance values and impacts of PolyU’s inventions and facilitate technology transfer by building up a successful and sustainable intellectual property management model for the university. PolyU Innovation Wall is established to showcase the University’s remarkable patented technologies and thus to pay tribute to the contributions made by the PolyU inventors.

A Certificate Presentation to PolyU inventors was held on 1 March 2019 to present the certificate of some recent patented technologies to our PolyU members.

To grasp this spectacular moment, please review our snapshots.

The PolyU Innovation Wall is located at the GH Podium Annexe.
For inquiries about PolyU’s IP matters, please contact us at +852 3400 2805 / itdoip@polyu.edu.hk