Innovation emerges as an inspiring spark ignited by novelty. The orange round dot as the head of “i” denotes the start of the flame lighting up our vision and leading us to aspire the blue skies of hopes for a brighter future as conveyed by the blue part of “i”.

The blue “T” symbolizes the blue oceans opened up by leveraging the uplifts of Technology inspired by innovation, equipping PolyU and our partners with unprecedented and boundary-breaking edges in today’s rapidly evolving technological era.

The grey bending arm of “D” typifies that Technology Development serves as the rail of steel bringing innovation further to create another new page along a strategically-planned and progress-driven road map furnished with concrete foundation and support. It also signifies the role and importance of intellectual properties extending the moment of the spark of innovation all the way through its development and commercialization process.


With “O” symbolizing the revolving globe, its crossover with the bending arm of “D” signifies the boundary-breaking collaboration among a multitude of stakeholders around the globe with PolyU along the trail of innovation. It also mirrors the pivotal role of technology development in sustaining continuous progress of innovation for never-ending uplifts of the life of all citizens on earth. The concerted efforts of PolyU and our partners ultimately catalyze the significant transformation of innovation which aggrandizes the tantalizing aura of its bright future as reflected by the globe in orange, symbolizing everlasting heat, energy and brightness.

Signified by the tiny orange dot on “i”, innovation grows FROM VISION as a diminutive spark of flame TO REALITY by delivering high impacts to the global community just like lighting up the globe interpreted in an orange “O”, through ITDO as your ultimate partner formulating collaborative synergy.