PolyU and China Aerospace International Holdings Ltd. (CASIL), a public-listed subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), reached a strategic collaborative research framework agreement to advance aerospace engineering.  The collaboration aims to establish a mutually beneficial platform to address the extensive technical needs of the aerospace engineering of China leveraging PolyU's strengths in innovations and technology. 

By forging closer ties between PolyU's research and China aerospace engineering, focusing on robotics, intelligent systems and sustainable energy, the collaboration is expected to result in high-impact and high-value aerospace engineering applications, as well as marketable aerospace products. 

A joint laboratory on intelligent systems will be established to pioneer research in robotic design and control, energy-saving and cost-efficient vibration control, intelligent systems or structures for control, measurement, sensing and health monitoring etc. in the aerospace field.  The collaborative research framework agreement also encompasses professional exchange, visiting program, taught courses, distinguished lectures, funding support and all kinds of collaborative research both in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong.

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