To ensure that Hong Kong's patent system would continue to meet present-day circumstances and facilitate the development of Hong Kong into a regional innovation and technology hub, the Government announced its policy decision on reforming the local patent system in 2013 and the new patent system including the introduction of an original grant patent system for standard patents have been rolled out on 19 Dec 2019.
For more IP findings on Graphene, please click for IP Report by Derwent.
To view the new patents granted list, please click here. Source: Derwent Innovation
ITDO will launch the e-Invention submission system in 2020 that enables PolyU’s inventors to manage their IP in a simple and clear process from the submission of invention disclosure to patent prosecution. Inventors can review and keep checking the patent application status and the approval process will be automated by designed workflow. This e-submission system is empowered by CPA Global - The world’s leading Intellectual Property (IP) Management and Technology company.
Source: CPA Global
Launch of Smart Patent Alert Service
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Jun 8 - 11 BIO International Convention (San Diego, U.S.)
Jun 29 - Jul 1 TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo (Maryland, U.S.)
Oct 19 - 21 TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference & Expo (Malmö, Sweden)
Feb 11 PolyU developed a world-class most comprehensive rapid, automated multiplex diagnostic system
Jan 4 PolyU - Bright Dream Robotics Advanced Innovative Technology Forum 2020
Dec 9 PolyU and CASICloud to establish the Greater Bay Area Industrial Big Data Lab
Nov 7 PolyU and JITRI signed a Memorandum of Understanding to foster research collaboration
Nov 5 - 7 PolyU attended China Resources Life Science’s Innovation Forum
Nov 5 PolyU and Space Biology Group plans for research collaboration
Oct 30 - 31 China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference + Expo 2019
Oct 15 Intellectual Property Seminar - Accelerating innovation by using big data: patent analysis on AI @ Healthcare
Sep 11 - 13 Shenzhen International Biotech and Health Industry Summit & Expo 2019
Aug 27 SmartHK 2019「創新升級.香港論壇」- Advanced Manufacturing Seminar
Jul 21 PolyU’s Food Safety Consortium Received the Affiliate Communication Award from IAFP
Jul 8 Supervision Service Center for Science and Technology Funds, Ministry of Science and Technology visited PolyU
Jun 7 World Food Safety Day - Food Safety, Everyone’s Business
Food Safety Consortium website is Launched!
Explore more about food safety and how to join as a Corporate Member
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