PolyU collaborated with Macau University of Science and Technology to develop a new AI system to assist in the rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 pneumonia, and the research was published in the prestigious international journal Cell…

PolyU and Huawei Device Co., Ltd. held a cloud-based launching ceremony-cum-workshop to kick start the latest research collaboration to advance navigation and position technology
A strategic research collaboration between PolyU and Peng Cheng Laboratory was established in advancing the development of Big Data Analytics, Advanced Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), AI and Robotics, Blockchains and Smart Health
COVID-19 Patent Application Scheme
In order to expedite IP registration for inventions related to combating the novel coronavirus, ITDO has allocated additional funding to support the IP registration (i.e., patent, design, etc.) for inventions related, thus to facilitate the commercialization of our inventions and benefit the society at large.
PatentScout Search Tool
ITDO newly launched the PatentScout service which PolyU members will have unlimited access to conduct patent searches while keeping individual search activity completely private. PatentScout covers 100+ jurisdiction of patent (where 40 countries are full-text).
New patents granted from Mar – Jun 2020
Biofeedback System with Body Mapping Clothing for
Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Dr. YIP, Yiu-wan Joanne (ITC), et al.
圖像編碼方法及裝置 Dr. CHAN, Chang Yuen (ISE), et al.
一種基於激光退火工藝的發光紡織面料製備方法 Prof. JIANG, Shou Xiang Kinor (ITC),
et al.
控制電路和高頻斷路器 Prof. CHENG, Ka Wai Eric (EE), et al.
Hydrocarbon-stapled Polypeptides for Enhancement
of Endosome-lysosomal Degradation
Prof. ZHAO, Yanxiang (ABCT), et al.
一種永磁電機 Prof. FU, Weinong (EE), et al.
單色經多色緯機織物的表面顯色和織造方法 Dr. HUA, Tao (ITC), et al.
PolyU Food Safety Consortium (FSC) has become an Observer at the Codex Alimentarius Commission, established by the FAO and WHO to develop food standards under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme.

FSC could further bring the views and suggestions of its members during Codex’s standard formulation process, and open up more global connections to work for global food safety...
Nov 17 – 19 TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo (Maryland, U.S.)
Nov 04 – 05 China International Food Safety & Quality Conference
Jul 15 The 2nd China (Hengqin) Scientific and Technological Entrepreneurship Competition
Jul 06 Secretary for Innovation and Technology Bureau visited PolyU
Jun 10 Hunan Provincial Science & Technology Department visited PolyU Shenzhen Base
Jun 08 – 11 BIO International Convention (San Diego, U.S.)
Jun 07 World Food Safety Day 2020 - Food Safety, Everyone’s Business
May 27 Webinar on the use of PatentScout
May 20 PolyU explored the application of peptides in data storage for space exploration
PolyU researchers developed a most comprehensive rapid, automated multiplex diagnostic system
3D-printed face shield for frontline medical personnel
Reusable face shields
for the public
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