The 5th Asia-Pacific Food Safety International Conference ended on a high note with 80 speakers advocating a safer food supply…
PolyU researchers invited by the Highways Department of the HKSAR to develop an
E-nose-based Fast Detection Technique for Brown Root Rot Disease Infected Trees…

Collaborative Opportunities
CIC Research and Technology Development Fund
Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme (MHKJFS)
Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) Call for Proposals (CFP)
Smart Traffic Fund
Intellectual Property Seminar 2021
Artificial Intelligence (AI) - can it be patented?
Topics covered:
Introduction to Patent System
Which countries and companies are filing AI patents?
Challenges in patenting AI technologies
Practical tips to help you obtain AI patents
New Patents Granted
Methods and viewing systems for inhibiting ocular
refractive disorders from progressing
Prof. LAM, Carly Siu Yin (FHSS), et al.
Dr. LEE, Ming Hung Thomas (BME), et al.
一種基於超彈性形狀記憶合金的自複位連梁 Prof. ZHU, Songye (CEE), et al.
納微結構件快速成型裝置及快速成型方法 Prof. TO, Suet Sandy (ISE), et al.
一種基於光纖超聲導波技術的鐵軌裂紋監測系統 Prof. NI, Yiqing (CEE), et al.
Improved Oil Analysis System and Method Dr. YAO, Zhongping (ABCT), et al.
發電布的製造方法 Prof. XU, Bingang (ITC), et al.
Metallic sodium and sodium-tin binary alloy electrode Dr. Zhang, Biao (AP), et al.
Shaft-mounted robotic-dug excavator Dr. Siu, Ming-fung Francis (BRE), et al.
2021 BIO Digital
BIO Digital is the world's largest virtual biotech partnering and education event, convening thousands of global biotech leaders and innovators. You can get connected with key industry leaders on latest advances in the field of biotechnology and promote PolyU's research excellence and research expertise to identify global collaboration opportunities.
TechConnect World 2021 - Call for Innovations and Abstracts!
The annual TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo to be held in the US aims to support and transfer the cross and multi-disciplinary research innovation and development. This year, the TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference & Expo will also be launched in Sweden!
Smart 50 Award - Call for Project Submissions!
Smart 50 Awards, in partnership with Smart Cities Connect Conference, annually recognize global smart cities projects, honoring the most innovative and influential works. The conference promotes smart technologies and solutions with international city representatives looking to leverage the latest tools available!
Apr 26, 29
& 30
PolyU Huawei Innovation (PHI) Partnership Series: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bootcamp Advanced Training
May 18 Artificial Intelligence - Transforming Products and Impacting Safety & Reliability
June 10-11
& 14-18
BIO Digital 2021
June 18-21 2021 IAFP Annual Meeting
Oct 18-20 TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo 2021
Oct 19-21 Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo 2021
Oct 27-28 China International Food Safety & Quality Conference 2021
Nov 11-12 6th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Food Safety
Nov 15-17 TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference & Expo 2021
Apr 21 Intellectual Property Seminar 2021
Apr 19 Briefing Session on Mainland-Hong Kong Joint Funding Scheme (MHKJFS)
Apr 16 Briefing session for Smart Traffic Fund
Mar 26 HKSTP Thought-leadership Series: Pioneering Vision Research for Preventing and Reversing Visual Impairment
Mar 25 Reliability enhancement of electronic parts, products and systems
Mar 25 CIC Research & Technology Development Fund 2021 Briefing Session
Jan 27-28 The 5th Asia-Pacific Food Safety International Conference (APFSIC)
Food Safety Consortium
PolyU Food Safety & Quality Brochure
PolyU Innovation Showcase
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