PolyU developed a world-
class most comprehensive
rapid, automated multiplex
diagnostic system, which can
identify 30 to 40 pathogens
including COVID-19 in one
single test and within
approximately one hour…

PolyU, CASICloud and Altai
Technologies will join hands
to establish the Greater Bay
Area Industrial Big Data
Laboratory with research
facilities in both Hong Kong
and Guangzhou to spearhead
research on industrial big
data, AI and industrial

Five research projects have
been successfully matched
for funding under the PolyU
and Jiangsu Industrial
Technology Research
Institute (JITRI) research
collaboration to develop basic
and applied research

New patents granted from Sep 2019 – Feb 2020
Body-sensing tank top with biofeedback system for patients with scoliosis
Exoskeleton ankle robot
Temperature-compensated fibre optic strain gauge
Preparation of Nanostructured Titanium
A Food Safety Collaboration between PolyU and Bright Food is set to advance industry food safety standard by pooling their strengths and resources in advancing food safety through the establishment of a joint research laboratory…

Dr. Terence Lau, Convener of Food Safety Consortium was invited to share his view in the inaugural World Food Safety Day in UN on the importance of multi-disciplinary collaboration and academia’s role on technology innovation to tackle emerging food safety challenges…

PolyU’s Food Safety Consortium received the Affiliate Communication Award from IAFP, for the well development of various communication channels and high-quality materials in promoting science and technology as the foundation of advancing food safety and quality…
Oct 19 – 21 TechConnect Europe Innovation Conference & Expo (Malmö, Sweden)
Jun 29 – Jul 1 TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo(Maryland, U.S.)
Jun 8 – 11 BIO International Convention (San Diego, U.S.)
Feb 11 PolyU developed a world-class most comprehensive rapid, automated multiplex diagnostic system
Jan 18 PolyU students won a First Class Award at AI challenge supported by the PolyU - Alibaba platform
Jan 4 PolyU - Bright Dream Robotics Advanced Innovative Technology Forum 2020
Dec 9 PolyU, CASICloud and Altai Technologies to establish the Greater Bay Area Industrial Big Data Lab
Nov 8 PolyU and Bright Food signed a MoU to Advance Industry Food Safety Standard
Nov 7 PolyU and JITRI signed a MoU to foster research collaboration
Nov 5 – 7 PolyU attended China Resources Life Science’s Innovation Forum
Nov 5 PolyU and Space Biology Group plans for research collaboration
Oct 30 – 31 China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference + Expo 2019
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Generous support from the community foster further development of the automated multiplex diagnostic system invented by PolyU to fight respiratory infectious diseases
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