Keynote speakers

Peter Annan Sensors & Software Inc, Canada
Guangyou Fang Key Lab of Electromagnetic Radiation and Sensing Technology, China

Baptiste Dafflon (on behalf of Susan Hubbard)

Berkeley National Lab, USA
Motoyuki Sato Tohoku University, Japan
Herbert Wiggenhauser Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Germany


  1. How do we place the value on GPR? (by Peter Annan, 13/6)

  2. GPR Application to Landmine Detection and Humanitarian Activities (by Motoyuki Sato, 14/6)

  3. Quantification of Arctic Soil and Permafrost Properties Using Ground Penetrating Radar (by Baptiste Dafflon, 15/6 am)

  4. Ground Penetrating Radar for Lunar Exploration Application (by Guangyou Fang, 15/6 pm)

  5. GPR Applications on Civil Engineering Structures (by Herbert Wiggenhauser, 16/6)